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May symbolize the border between the unconscious and conscious awareness.


Changing lanes in your dream implies that you should change the way you handle different aspects of your life. You are r...


May represent protection and safety.


May symbolize feeling sorry for yourself.

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What does it mean to dream about "Zigzag"

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May symbolize the embodiment of one's own creative genius.


Jackals are often referred to as scavengers. Dreaming of this animal represents your ways exploiting others to meet your...


Are you swallowing things you might not like to digest? What are you swallowing and how do you feel?


The abdomen is the center of our body, our solar plexus -- the center of our power, therefore, personal power may be bei...

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May suggest you are making things look better than they really are.


May represent eagerness.


May symbolize wisdom, mentoring or guidance.


Are you questioning you’re existence in life? Do you feel like you a have sinned and need to confess. According to Freud...

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