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If you dream of anything landing it represents a situation that you thought was going crazy and out of your power, you n...


May suggest an aspect of yourself you are somewhat familiar with.


May suggest something that smells bad and is potentially explosive or dangerous.


May be reflecting a waking life achievement or an accomplished feat.

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Dreaming of vegetables symbolizes your need to revitalize your mind and body. Consider the specific vegetable for furthe...


May represent the wealth of physical, emotional and/or spiritual resources available to you.


Seeing dynamite in your dream is a threat and something or someone is about to tick you off and you are going to blow up...


Dreaming of being initiated signifies changes and new beginnings in your life.

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Other Interesting Dream Meanings from our Dreams Dictionary


May suggest holding in emotions.


Dreams about driving may represent the control you have over where you are going in life. Remember that the Driver is th...


A musical organ in your dream symbolizes your spirituality. It could also have a sexual connotation attached to it depen...


May represent ideas or memories that are popping up into conscious awareness.

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