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May represent poise, grace and balance.


May represent a vacation or business destination.


May represent the unconscious.


Dreaming of using a computer keyboard suggests that you have a message that you need to relay to someone immediately but...

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What does it mean to dream about "morbid"

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Leatest Dreams Interpreted


May represent standing out or feeling above others.


May suggest a message from the unconscious mind.


When you dream you or someone has a veil on, it signifies that you want to keep certain things in your life a secret, yo...


A pall is a cover for a coffin. When you dream of it, it means something is coming to an end, this could mean a person’s...

Other Interesting Dream Meanings from our Dreams Dictionary


Could this be a play on words for you being “right”?


May symbolize inquiring, researching, or experimenting.


May symbolize measuring how far I’ve come or how far I have to go.


Zoomorphism means that you change into an animistic form. The dream symbolizes that you act more freely and do not allow...

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