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May symbolize avoiding something.


Dreams of infidelity indicate dissatisfaction in your current relationship. You feel alone and you need something more s...


Hail is frozen water that hurts when it falls on you. When you dream of it falling all around you then it means that you...


May symbolize suppressing unconscious thoughts or emotions.

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Leatest Dreams Interpreted


May represent places you have been to in the past.


May symbolize physical, professional, emotional, mental, developmental, or spiritual hard work.


May represent unity, oneness, wholeness, perfection.


May symbolize a desire to escape from something or someone.

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Divorce in a dream may hold a variety of meanings and it will depend on your associations to divorce in waking life. Whe...


Dreaming that you party a lot serves as a release for you|| you seem to feel trapped in your waking life. On the other h...


Being ignored is always a very horrible feeling but if you are the one doing the ignoring then you need to slow down wit...


Dreaming of diamonds may represent marriage or commitment|| may represent something hard or permanent|| may represent ma...

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