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May represent a threat or violation from waking life in the past or present.


May symbolize wishing to change the outcome of something.


Leaning represents dependability. If you are doing the leaning then it means you are relying too much on others or someo...


May represent the need to soften the blow of something, to make a difficult situation less harsh.


Dreaming of orchids represents well cared for sexuality and romance. You are very careful with how your deal with your r...


May represent feeling nutty.


may symbolize your personna, or the side of yourself that you let the world see.


Going up a ramp in your dream represents the trouble it is taking you to reach your goal. However, you are a determined ...


A horse in a dream may mean many different things depending upon the context and content of the dream and the personal a...


Having a dream about living or venturing underground signifies that you are trying to shove things aside but you do not ...


A dragon symbolizes strength and strong will that is embedded in your soul. If the dragon is attacking you, you have to ...


Is somebody screwing you over? Who was in the dream when you saw the screw? We need to pay attention to metaphors like...

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