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Rarely do we live and work in the same place all our waking lives. We often move from one house to another and/or from ...


When you dream of jewelry it means you know you are valuable and proud of yourself. You know your self-worth and what go...


Dreaming of using a computer keyboard suggests that you have a message that you need to relay to someone immediately but...


May suggest working on accepting a waking life situation.


May symbolize feeling cold and hardened.


Are you looking for the right route to reach your ambitions? When you dream of a GPS it suggests that you are searching ...


Hearing a rumor in a dream suggests that your unconscious is trying to send you a message. On the other hand, the dream ...


May symbolize healing or health problems.


When we dream of a box it represents feeling trapped. Do you feel boxed in and cant move in your walking life? It’s poss...


Trying to score some goals in your dream? If you finally get make the goal it indicates you’re headed the right way in l...


May suggest confronting issues you've been avoiding.


To blow something out may suggest a need to extinguish a part of your life that you no longer need.

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