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May symbolize healing.


May suggest environmental concerns or thoughts about energy conservation.


A dream about you being a giraffe or seeing one represents the fact that you need to look at your life on a whole. You a...


May suggest a desire for creative self-expression.


May symbolize fiscal concerns.


When we dream about the mailman giving us messages means, you will be receive an important message. Either from your unc...


May symbolize a violation or invasion of personal space, thoughts, ideas or property.


Changing lanes in your dream implies that you should change the way you handle different aspects of your life. You are r...


May symbolize acknowledgment and / or praise.


May represent feeling stuck between two opposing people, forces, or trains of thought.


May symbolize feeling unable to see something happening around you.


Dreaming of making a vow does not necessarily mean marriage. It signifies that you are ready to make a dedication or pro...

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