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Are you swallowing things you might not like to digest? What are you swallowing and how do you feel?


May symbolize building something.


What is in the closet? Are you hiding something that you have kept hidden from people?


May represent avoiding dealing with something.


May represent a secret.


When you dream of being at ease and in a state of zen it signifies that you need are either able to find tranquility or ...


May represent the parting of overwhelming emotions at this time in order to make a clear path and move forward.


Dreaming of being initiated signifies changes and new beginnings in your life.


If you dream of acrobats show your flexibility and your balance in life. If you are an acrobat and you fall suggests tha...


May symbolize physical, emotional, mental or spiritual renewal.


Do you need a break in life or you have an addiction that you need to kick the habit?


May symbolize karma the consequences of your actions, either positive or negative, returning.

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