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May represent feeling ignored, unappreciated or invisible.


Jousting has a very sexual connotation in your dream. On the other hand it means you need to confront a problem head on ...


May represent feeling someone is untrustworthy, slick, repulsive or despicable.


May represent someone you hold in high regard or respect greatly.


To see a drain in your dream suggests that you may be feeling drained from a certain situation in your present life. You...


May represent a journey into your unconscious mind.


May symbolize physical or self-imposed obstacles in waking life.


If you dream of a groom, whether you are a woman or a man, it means that you are ready to settle down and be in a commit...


May symbolize the releasing of sexual tension or anger.


May represent feelings related to health or nourishment.


May be a reminder of a 6th anniversary.


May represent ignorance or being unaware.

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