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Screaming and nobody hearing you in your dream suggest that nobody in your life is taking you seriously. You voice is n...


May represent someone who chatters or hoards.


What new object, place or thing did you dream about? Dreaming of something new signifies a new path in your waking life....


Trying to rope something in? Pay attention to what exactly you are lassoing. The dream means the same thing in your life...


Needles in your dream represent something in your life that needs to be fixed and sewn back together. On the other hand,...


When you dream of a person coming back to life it denotes someone or something that you considered dead is back in your ...


May symbolize warming up to someone or something becoming less formal or more comfortable.


May represent covering up or concealing your thoughts.


You do not care about what society is trying to force you to think. The dream symbolizes your liberty to express yoursel...


A grindstone is a good symbol. Whatever you dream of doing with the grindstone represents your actions which are going t...


May symbolize fixing a problem, relationship, miscommunication, or misunderstanding.


May symbolize feeling weighed down or over-burdened.

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