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May suggest ingenuity, imagination, inventiveness, creativity or inspiration.


Dreaming of a lampshade suggests you are covering or protecting your knowledge and power. Otherwise it signifies you are...


May be a phallic symbol.


May suggest a desire for power, control or status.


Imitation is annoying but it is a form of admiration. If you dream of someone imitating you it signifies that they or so...


May symbolize a major loss or change in one’s life.


May suggest you are gossiping too much in waking life.


To see your fingernails in a dream means that you are looking at how society views you and depending on the condition of...


When we dream that we are in a cab, donates that somebody in your walking life is using you. If you hail a cab it means ...


May represent a vacation or business destination.


May suggest needing to look closer at something.


May represent physical or mental exhaustion.

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