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May symbolize approval or disapproval (i.e. thumbs up or down).


May symbolize a connection to the Divine, Source, All That Is, God or whatever name you give to your Higher Power.


May symbolize memories or associations with the Hudson River.


May represent a desire to persuade, manipulate or control someone or something.


Crying in our dreams is a relief when we cant seem to cry in our walking life. Dreaming of crying or tears can be a pos...


May represent a desire to belong.


Are you forgetting to protect yourself in life in anyway? These dreams indicate a need to tighten up and make sure your ...


The dream implies that soon you would be at peace and leave all your worries and troubles behind.


May represent undesirable or rejected aspects of yourself.


Maggots are dirty and disgusting to look at in real life. We only see them either in dead bodies or on rotting things. Y...


May symbolize assistance or support.


Feeling neglected or out of place? A dream of being an outcast indicates that you have unwanted qualities that you have ...

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