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When you reach for a person or something in your dream it indicates that you are missing something in your life. You wan...


May be a metaphor for caging or repressing emotions.


If you are digging in your dream it means that you are diligently looking to find something that you want to use to solv...


May symbolize the emotions that need processing.


May symbolize being untrue to yourself, your ideals, your true beliefs.


May represent feelings of guilt.


May represent creative self-expression.


A hit man, in your dream, represents some characteristic that you want to get out of you. Consider how the person who is...


May symbolize warmth.


May represent relief from physical, mental or emotional pain/distress.


May symbolize a waking life situation that feels like a battle.


Dreaming of a gun may represent fear, anger or aggression or may be a symbol of power or control may also suggest that y...

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