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May represent a memory or feeling a need to remember something.


When you dream of yourself being a guest this indicates your awkwardness in a situation. You feel new and uneasy about a...


A church Cardinal may represent someone that gives counsel, especially regarding spiritual or religious matters.


May symbolize productivity.


May suggest a desire for creative self-expression.


May represent competition.


If you have dream about yourself being another gender, do not be afraid your unconscious is telling you to incorporate s...


People who dream about being abducted wake up feeling like they had a horrible nightmare. These types of dreams mean tha...


Seeing a detour in your dream signifies a detour in your real life. You have encountered some problem that is going to p...


May symbolize of a life review or analysis of past experiences, thoughts and outcomes to forecast what may lie ahead.


Dreaming of a younger version of yourself indicates that you are missing those days. Perhaps you are dwelling in the pas...


A dream of a knob denotes that you are able to twist and control problems and situations that arise around you.

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