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May symbolize feelings about a divorce, separation or breakup.


May represent organization and order.


May represent conformity.


When you dream of being underwater it means that your emotions, about a specific problem, are overwhelming you. If you a...


Are you going up or down? Could this be going up in your life or down? If you are going down steps it also donate goin...


If no one is hearing you in your dream it indicates feeling of neglect in your life. Sometimes you feel like a ghost to ...


May symbolize feeling manipulated or controlled.


May represent tending to your animal instincts or taming your wild side.


Dreaming of any form of surgery done to the mouth represents an attempt to fix troubles that you may have communicating ...


Are you a homosexual? If you are, then, the dream depicts your desires of what you want in your life. However, if you ar...


May symbolize a need for more iron in the blood / diet.


May represent something that you are not understanding yet in waking life.

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