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A fork is representative of thoughts that would help you excel in your life. To dream a fork means you are going in the ...


May symbolize a moral or lesson could be learned.


May represent flexibility, balance or self-discipline.


Being a locksmith in a dream implies that you are going to be in charge of whatever new mission have coming your way. Yo...


May represent feeling a need for some magic in life, or that magic is needed to accomplish something that seems impossib...


May symbolize feeling a need to balance emotions and physical needs.


To dream of an oracle, symbolizes your belief of fate. You are seeking some guidance or are expressing a desire to know ...


When you dream of jewelry it means you know you are valuable and proud of yourself. You know your self-worth and what go...


The dream is a metaphor of your having a handle on things in your life. Alternatively, if the handle is broken it repres...


May symbolize honor, distinction and sensuality.


Dreaming of an old item indicates either that your need to throw out your old stuff or you need to dig through your base...


Do you consider the vase empty or full? Depending on how you view the vase in your dream dictates the meaning of how you...

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