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If you dream of a feather it means you need to ease up a bit. Stop being so harsh with things and enjoy life for a bit. ...


May represent feeling a lack of respect or worthiness toward self or others.


May symbolize losing your head and needing to calm down and think more rationally.


May represent someone who you think asks too many questions.

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What does it mean to dream about "stabbing"

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Leatest Dreams Interpreted


Dreaming of organizing things represents disorganization in your waking life with some situation and you need to sit dow...


Dreaming of an interview where you are the interviewee signifies your worries of being criticized by people. If you are ...


May suggest feelings of betrayal or disappointment.


May represent feeling offended.

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Dreaming of ducks is symbolic to family life, child bearing and intimacy. Eating a duck in your dream means you desire s...


An epidemic in your dream represents your fear about a recent task. If you dream that you are causing the epidemic or in...


May symbolize experimenting with something new.


If you are rowing in your dream, it suggests you are on a passage that is going to give you a lot of difficulties. Try t...

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