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Visiting someone in a dream suggests that information, warmth and love are at our disposal. When you visit someone in a dream, it is an indication that they are thinking of you and that you are connecting psychologically. The person in their dream state is influenced by sending signals and emotions that are open.

Can this be done? Yes we can, and we explain how the process works in this video about how to visit someone in a dream

Once you have closed your eyes, say the name of the person, form a picture of their face in your head with your closed dream lids and start spinning in circles. If you feel like you are the person in the dream, stop spinning and open your eyes.

Once your body is asleep and your mind is awake, you will know that you are in a dream, and you can try to transform yourself into your goal dream. Decide who is the person you want to contact at this dream level and make it clear that you want to remember to contact them while you are still aware of your own dream. At this point you can continue to draw their attention to them, and the fact that dreaming causes them to take control of the situation so that you can take their hand and let them follow you into the imaginary world.

Regardless of your ability to be a clear-sighted dream master, you can still try this technique by consciously striving to enter other people's dreams. It is possible that you enter into another person's dream while you are asleep or in a deep meditative state. We have all heard stories about sleeping in a dream place, losing a loved one, being in danger or experiencing other stressful situations.

If you dream of someone you know visiting you to say goodbye, you may find out that they have actually died. It is impossible to prove that the dream visit is over or has not taken place. If you dream of someone who has died of a disfiguring disease, they can appear young, healthy and beautiful in your dream.

If you or someone you know had a dream in which they were convinced to visit a deceased loved one or a religious figure in their sleep. Dreams of visitors can represent feelings of temporary interest in an idea or opportunity. Seeing the unknown in your dream, or seeing someone visiting you, can indicate a new beginning or a new beginning in your waking life.

Surprise guests visiting your dream can be an indication of your resistance to new things and opportunities in life. In clear dreaming, you realize that you are dreaming when you turn to a person in a dream, say their name, and focus on entering their dream world through a familiar portal (or at least the meaning of the person, not you). You need to remember your state of mind and your reaction to a visit to your dream.

If you want to learn more about them or just want to share the adventure with them, you can choose to immerse yourself in another dream. In the following video, I explain how this happens and what conditions must be met in order to enter their dream, which is called Dreamgate by the authors of The Guild, Eric and Pepin. Dream objects are people and situations we have never met before.

Your dream might mean you have a stressful time and need to find a way to relax. Visiting a person in a dream could be a sign that they do not feel strong and independent enough to believe in themselves. Dreaming of someone's death could mean that something has changed and you are led to a more positive or negative place.

Your dream can mean you have to go through a big personal change and talk to someone about it. If you have disturbances in your life that you dream of, this could be an indication that you are stressed or that something that interferes in your life is getting in someone's nose in some way. You can focus on your dream of someone you don't want to visit, or consider getting rid of people in your life you don't want to deal with.

Often dreams are just representations of the person you want to visit, far from their true personalities. Maybe in a clear dream you meet someone you want, but it's not a real person. They are simply interested in meeting the person who loves to share dreams and exciting adventures.

As you can see, with the control of a clear dream, it is possible to evoke the person you want and interact with them in any desired way. However, you cannot enter a dream and interact directly with it because it does not dream. You can never be sure where this will end, but if you enter the dream of others, they will confirm and share details.

For example, when someone who is dying visits us in our dreams, we probably do not have the rational thought that the person is actually dead and not only in our dream. Visiting someone in their dream is often said with conviction, but it is not always possible. It is believed that lucid dreams occur in your sleeping brain and you cannot visit the physical world.

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