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Since Sigmund Freud more than 100 years ago, psychologists have studied dreams to understand what they mean to the dreamer. Artemidorus Daldis who lived in the 2nd century AD thought that the meaning of a dream image contained puns and that it could be understood and deciphered by its components. Freud suggested in his work that dreams should express the unfulfilled desires of the dreamers "daily lives.

Modern psychologists and neurologists equipped with imaging devices such as PET scans and MRIs have taken things to a deeper, technical level speculating that dreaming is the brain's way of disposing of the excess data, consolidating important information, beware of dangers and much more. Sigmund Freud regarded dreams as an expression of suppressed, contradictory desires, which surprised him because of his sexual nature. Carl Jung took a more rigorous approach and explained that dreams are a kind of creative energy of inchoate emotions and thoughts that are released from the deep subconscious and the rousing narratives in higher brain regions.

For over a century, psychologists have tried to create a framework to explain the meaning of dreams, from the wildest to the most mundane. The analysis of dream symbols and the attribution of meaning have become a popular source of entertainment and self-reflection in popular culture. There are many different theories when it comes to the interpretation and meaning of dreams and most of them offer very different views.

The psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud had the feeling that dreams hide or distort the unconscious meaning of dreams. One of the neurobiological theories about dreaming is the activation hypothesis. This theory was proposed by the Harvard University psychiatrists John Allan Hobson and Robert McCarley.

The neurocognitive theory of dreaming states that dreams are unique in that they reflect our personal way of making information meaningful. Dreams cannot be traced back to certain moments in our lives and are not memories of the previous day. In the REM stage, for example, we dream of enabling you to transfer things you have learned to memory, which means that dreaming supports cognitive processes.

Dreams offer emotional benefits such as introspection. Dreams are not just prints, snapshots or pictures of the experiences of these days. Your dreams are an expression of your inner life and they show you the wrong attitudes with which you have put yourself in impossible situations.

There is no solid evidence for the meaning of dreams as mentioned above, but you can interpret your dreams in ways that make sense to you. The idea is that through a certain combination of elements in dreams we can learn something about an individual's mind and the way they think about the meaning of dreams. Most dream meanings can be found by looking at the symbols in the dream and what they mean when you wake and what feelings of life (in other words, what they remember) are associated with them.

Dreams that take place during the day mean nothing to most people. For this reason, many dreams mean the same thing: many people want more freedom and time for themselves to live freely. This kind of dream can mean that you are put to the test when you wake up in life and that you feel judged by the people around you.

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Oh la-la! Showing some skin in a dream suggests that you are finally letting your sensual side loose. You feel confident in your looks and ready to show it off. When one dreams of shopping for lingerie, the dream proposes that sexual feelings are being suppressed thus creating a void. On the other hand, you want to spice up your wardrobe a bit and give yourself a different look.


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