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To dream about know explained:

May symbolize intuition.

May suggest feeling someone is arrogant, a braggart or pretentious.

Seeing someone who you know naked in a dream is symbolic of the fact that you are about to find something shameful about them. Discover a few skeletons in the closet about them. This could be something which would also be totally embarrassing for that person and will also make you question your relationship status with them.

Seeing someone you know locked up in jail in the dream world suggests the great lengths you would go to help out this person in his or her time of need. Whether it is to get this individual out of trouble or to help achieve particular goals, it seems as if your fates would become interconnected in reality. As such, you would become highly invested in his or her success and well-being.

Seeing someone you know in real life as a baby in a dream forewarns that your future actions may be seen as incorrect. This sign symbolizes that something you might do in the future could result in you being held in contempt by those affected by or involved in the act. It may be prudent to discuss any actions that may affect those around you with someone you trust.

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