Touching a penis

Touching a penis Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Dreaming of a penis can translate into many interpretations depending on who is having it and the context of the dream. Though for the most part its a symbol of masculinity for the dreamer.

Having an injured penis in your dream refers to possible hospitalization. You could be involved in an accident that would cause you to end up in the hospital. This dream vision can also symbolize having your feelings hurt. Someone in your work or in your social circle might verbally harm or insult you. This person or group of persons could dislike you or may be competing with you for a position at work or for dominance and authority in your immediate social group.

Touching a bomb, as a way of disarming it or just figuring out the mechanism behind it, means you are approaching a crossroad or a definitive turning point in your life. There is a big decision waiting for you and once you choose, the other choices would no longer be viable. There is no turning back. If you think the bomb is going to explode in your dream, then perhaps the changes would happen in quick successions and most of it would be beyond your control. It may even result in cutting off old connections.

Having a dream that you are touching a penis means that you will be in a predicament regarding performing certain sexul activities with a person or persons you will meet. You could be placed in a situation in the future where you would be involved with somebody intimately. However, this person might ask you to perform something sexually which you are unwilling to do. This might also be a possible scenario with other people you could be attracted to in the future.

Having an image of a giant penis you have in your dream symbolizes your great character. It is telling you that you possess a dignified persona. You are an achiever who will go a long way in life, whether at work or in your personal life. You have a natural knack for success which would help you to attain your goals in life. This vision is also a reflection of your uncanny ability to seek the help of others when you are in need of support.

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