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Defecating In A Dream, What Does It Mean According To Evangelist Joshua (Defectaing Dream Meaning And Interpretation)

With that dream, that means that you are going to give off some really terrible spirtual smell. It reminded me of the woman who had this dream. When you have dreams about the poop surrounding you, then this may mean that you are being surrounded by danger you are not aware of. Having ever had a dream about feces surrounding your home means that some serious mayhem is going to be happening to your real life.

It is pretty clear that nobody likes walking around with feces all over their bodies, but the minute that a dream has any traces of feces or poop on your body, that means that you are definitely going to entertain some bad luck and hate. It is obvious that nobody likes to walk around with shit and feces on their body in the present, so in a dream, this could mean you are unlucky or hated.

When you have dreams in which someone is pouring shit or feces at you, it is obvious you have an enemy who does not want you to advance or accomplish great things in your life. To dream where it is hard for you to vomit or feces means Satan has arrested you and is preventing your freedom. For instance, if you dream of frequently going to the bathroom to shit or poop, that means the meal has reached a stage where it needs to go through the pee.

To shit or poop in a dream is to let go of something; mentally, it means purging yourself of bad deposits. When one dreams about going to the bathroom and passing out pee, this is the terminology known as cleansing out of the deposits of bad food. Dreaming about feces being passed in the toilet represents cleansing of negative emotions, beliefs, or situations.

To dream of defecating in front of others can represent the pressures that you feel are being put on you to solve problems. To dream of scat-eating mice or rats may represent you trying to push your problems onto others.

There are many people who go to toilets in order to pass out faces in a dream, but they do not wash their hands or their bottoms well afterwards. If you went to the bathroom, passed out faces in the dream, not knowing how to wash your hands or buttocks, you contaminated your life and your body at the polluted place.

Another meaning is that when you dream of finding multiple excrement (shit) on your body or scattered throughout the floor or in your bathroom, this means you have some sins inside of you which are preventing your answered prayers. If you find yourself urinating in a toilet, and someone is washing it, that means there is some kind of enemy attacking your personal life.

If you have dreams where you see urine or feces on the floor, it means that you are surrounded by a spirit of shame and dishonor. If you dream of having sex in the toilet, it means that your life is being invaded with a curse of failure and hardship. A person who frequently goes to a restroom in the dream, only to find such a bathroom broken, or whose poop does not get flushed, symbolises the person is facing frustration and a spiritual assault.

The enemys agenda is flourishing in a persons life as he plants a few Satanic foods in the dream in order to bring about illness and other spiritual attacks on the body.

The dream will lead to spiritual lagging life, and continual failings on the verge of a breakthrough. Seeing blindness in the dream is a work of bad men, it means that your enemies are showing you things coming, or things already happening, and you may even fail to see the end of life, which is a beautiful thing people once saw, immediately upon awakening. Dreaming about Human Feces - If you get this kind of dream where you are dreaming of human feces, this kind of dream may really mean more than one thing.

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