What Does It Mean When You Dream About Your Ex Getting Back Together?

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Sometimes dreaming about your ex can mean you want to get back together, but it can also mean the exact opposite. Dreaming about your ex doesn't necessarily mean you want to be reunited and be together again. What's more, remember that dreaming doesn't necessarily mean you still have feelings for your ex -- in fact, it's rarely about them. Let's talk about why you're more likely to dream about an ex you miss or want to get back, reflecting thoughts and feelings that you don't exist.

Such dreams may also reflect a feeling of returning to old ways, perhaps treating your current partner like an ex. It may seem strange, but when you start a new relationship with someone, you're most likely dreaming about your ex. Dreaming of marrying an ex, especially when you're in a relationship with someone else, can be confusing. Nightmares about your ex are one of the ways your mind tries to weigh the pros and cons of a new relationship and a new partner.

The reason for your dreams about your ex really depends on how much time has passed since the breakup, what you expect from your ex, and how happy you are in general. If you are not satisfied with your current love life, dreaming about your ex means that you want to return to happier times. If you are happy with your current romance, dreaming about the death of your ex means that you have completely let go of the past. When a dream shows that your ex has died, it is a metaphor that you have completely buried your feelings for a past love.

A big misconception is that dreaming about an ex means you want that person back in your life; after all, because otherwise your subconscious would have to keep visualizing them. If you really left and do not want to return your ex-spouse to your life, then this dream may mean that you no longer beat yourself up for your past relationship. If you dream that your ex rejects you and doesn't want you back in his life, it actually means the same feeling you had for your recent ex during your present hours. If your ex-husband says in a dream that he doesn't want you back, but you still want him back, the dream may be trying to help you get back to the reality of your life.

If this dream is about a long time ex who wants you back, the dream is your subconscious mind hinting at an inherent weakness that you may still be holding onto for him/her. When you dream of an ex begging you to reciprocate, it usually means that you could potentially lose that person. Let's say you dream that you want your ex-boyfriend, ex-girlfriend, or divorced ex to get back together, even if it could mean that you miss your ex-boyfriend.

If you dream that you are just getting to know your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend and you fall in love with your ex again for the first time, it can have different meanings. When you wonder what it means to dream about your ex and his new partner, it's because deep down you're probably still hoping you can get back together while you're both single. From a spiritual standpoint, dreaming about an ex could mean that your ex still thinks about you, misses you, and wants to get back into your life.

To dream that your ex has gone missing means that something is missing in your current relationship that you want to repair. If you've been feeling like something's missing in your relationship lately, you may be dreaming about your ex simply because you crave the feeling he once gave you.

Suddenly, a dream about your ex calling you gets in the way, leaving you wondering if you've ever really moved on. You don't care anymore, and you just happened to dream about your ex just because of certain circumstances.

If your dream consisted of an ex chasing you, don't read too much about it. If your ex was ignoring you in your dream and you didn't care, that means exactly that.

If you are involved with someone right now who looks too much like an ex-husband, your subconscious mind will remind you of this in a dream. The dream is trying to help you maintain a decent relationship with your ex for the sake of the kids, which is another reason why – and Levenberg often hears this – someone who is divorced [might] hate their ex but keep daydreaming about it. get back together or have sex [with their ex], even if they swear they'll never have sex with that person again. While there are many reasons why you dream about your ex, aside from the fact that you still have feelings for him or her, it's still an option.

Suddenly finding yourself in a relationship with an old flame in your dream world can bring up difficult feelings, but dreaming of being reunited with your ex doesn't necessarily mean you should consider rekindling something with him. If your ex appears in your dream too often, then you have unresolved feelings for him and you will not forget them as soon as you want. When you are single and you dream about your ex, this dream means only one thing; you are fully prepared for a new relationship.

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