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Dream About Queen (Queen Dream Meaning And Dream Interpretation)

If you are dreaming about a Queen, this may indicate you are ready to set your course for victory in a certain area of your life. Sometimes, dreams that feature you as The Queen simply symbolize your wish to experience power and success in your life. It may suggest you are in control of your life if you are a confident, happy queen in your dreams.

When you are the queen in a dream, this generally indicates that you are trying to take on a leadership role and guide the people around you toward a collective goal. A queen in your dreams may symbolize a form of power that is particularly female, like motherhood. Dreaming about being a queen may also symbolize insight into oneself and the female forces in ones psyche.

Your dreams of being a queen may thus reveal your attitudes towards power, particularly towards strong women or types of power associated with women. In most cases, dreams that focus on queens reveal much about your DESIRES to achieve power and control. Since queens are often symbolic for a variety of things, dreams centred on queens also point to many different values. In some of these dreams centered around queens, you may find yourself running away from the queen, or being pursued by a co-conspirator of the queen.

In other cases, because queens are also seen as symbols of motherhood, a queens death in your dreams symbolizes an issue that you may have with your mother. Since queens are also seen as symbols of motherhood, this dream may also symbolize an issue you have with your mother.

The queen is symbolizing your mothers in you, but also your wish to have others depend on you. The figure of the queen can symbolise a Dreamers mother, or another strong female figure you are dependent upon. The queen in your dreams does not necessarily represent you, but it may represent her, or another maternal figure in your life, if you are looking up to her.

Queens are also highly symbolic as Mother figures, so if there are any issues related to your mother present in your life, then you might see that symbol pop up in your dreams. If the Queen is supposed to appear in a dream, you might relate to the archetypal strength offered by this royalty symbol.

This applies to the dream representation of any royal figure -- not just a current Queen, but even an historical one like Victoria. However, a dream involving an effigy similar to the queen can be an indication of her unbalanced, therefore misguided, character. Many dream analysts have suggested that a dreams depiction of the queen actually represents the dreams mothers, or even a female component of the dreams own psyche.

Sometimes the queen appears when you might feel that you are not in control as much as you want to be. If you have dreams about The Queen dying, it can symbolise that you feel that your leadership abilities, particularly those of an emotional or intuitive nature, are being threatened.

In certain particular cases, when you experience a sense of release as you view the death of a queen in a dream, it may indicate that you are being held back in life by a authority figure. If you feel freed, instead of sad, when the queen dies in your dream, this might indicate that an authority figure that has been holding you back is going to step aside. If you have no strong feelings about being the queen, are overloaded with your duties, or disdain your position in your dream, this is a sign that you are stressed out and taking on too much in life.

Being a or King in your dreams is a symbol of power and authority, and may indicate that you are craving for more responsibility. Seeing a king in your dream means becoming more authoritative and becoming someone that is recognized by all. Seeing a queen in your dream indicates you will have a respected position in your community and receive great gratitude for your activities.

To dream of a queen represents a facet of your identity which takes on authority or respect without having to earn that authority or respect. To dream of a queen indicates a visitation to you by someone who is physically handsome with enough compelling force to make you drop everything and go out into the world.

If you have never lived in a land where there is a royal family, and your experience is of leaders who are elected, not born into their positions, then a queens dream may symbolise that you are attracted to ways of doing things which seem to you to be more instinctive than rational. Dreaming that you are a royalty (, king, prince, princess) may mean you are feeling, yearning, or feeling like you are missing out on one of the qualities listed above.

If you are dreaming of being a princess that is about to be queen, it may be a nice dream, but holds a cautionary tale to make sure you are ready for the next step in your relationship. Dreams you cannot understand are also symbols for a better life that you are going to experience in the future, wherein you are going to be loved, honored, and will have the feeling of being popular with people. You are better equipped to understand dreams that focus on the Queen and their significance now, particularly within the context of your own life.

Understanding what the queen means in our dreams can help us to uncover a fair amount about ourselves, as well as how this applies to our present-day lives when we are awake. A queen may also frequently represent an archetype of a character in our dreams--see Types of People in Dreams for a deeper understanding of the dream archetypes. As to what queens mean in particular, Dream Analysis by Aisling says that a queen is symbolic of power and strength. In short, a queen has the ability to guide our lives, and therefore, represents the woman that is vital to our lives.

Dreams of the queen indicate she has great power aspirations, has strong feelings about fairness, and wants to win. A womans dreams of a queen show happy home life, as well as suggest that she is soon going to get promoted. An unmarried woman who dreams of shaking hands with the queen indicates she should be cautious in love with someone she loves, and might get discouraged by her parents. For some, a dying queen can point to a possible move away from the woman that is effective or drives his/her life.

The money symbolism in dreams includes power, opportunities, and self-worth, so the dream of the queen emphasizing a richness in queens could be symbolic that you wish to acquire power. Other interpretations, such as experiencing financial success, realizing your wisdom and potential for the future, and future opportunities, also lie behind the sequences in the queens dreams. Seeing the queen wearing a crown in a dream means that you will receive good news and events consecutively.

Or, if one feels like he has it all, the dream of a queen will explain that you have all the strength to stand tall in front of people. A dream in which you are only decapitated by the queen interprets that you feel like you have very little power and that you are being punished for events which are not your fault.

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