Dream Interpretation Of Making Love With A Stranger (Dream Meaning And Interpretationf Of Having Sex With Stranger)

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Dream Interpretation Of Making Love With A Stranger (Dream Meaning And Interpretationf Of Having Sex With Stranger)

A dream of making love with a stranger could symbolize that you are experiencing sexual energy in your life and looking for a sexual partner. If you are dreaming about making love to a stranger while single, it could symbolize that you are getting to the point where you are willing to seek out sexual companionship, particularly if you have been alone for a long time. If you dream of making love to a stranger of the opposite gender from the one with whom you normally pursue sexual or romantic companionship--for instance, if you are a heterosexual woman who dreams of making love with a woman--this may come as a shock. If you do dream of making love to a stranger, agreeing to do so, but the experience is embarrassing or disappointing, it could be symbolic that you are anxious about your ability to bond with people.

If you are in a current relationship which is fulfilling, a sexual dream of your ex-partner is not too unusual, it may simply be indicative of a need for some time to disconnect from feelings for your ex. Dreaming about sex can also indicate that you need to take care of yourself emotionally, which is not necessarily a sexy thing. In particular, if you are dreaming about having sex with several partners simultaneously, then this indicates that you are feeling disengaged from your personal relationships. It is important to note that dreams that include being homosexual during wakefulness, or even having desires for the same sexual partners, are extremely rare.

Or, simply put, simply because you dream about having sex, or that others do, does not mean that you wish you had sex with the people in your dreams, nor does it mean that the people in your dreams wish to have sex with you, or that the people in your dreams are necessarily having sex together in the waking lives. No matter who they are, what having a sexy dream about them is telling you is that you wish you could embody some trait or ability the person with whom you have dreamed sex has. Included is that the person we had sex with within the context of a dream represents something that we wish for in our wake lives.

If, instead, you are seeing yourself having sex with a famous person; somebody you admire; or even somebody who you might actually think is attractive, that dream represents a feeling you feel toward them. To dream about having sex with a stranger of either gender suggests that you are merging the qualities they possess with your own actions. To dream that yo are of the opposite gender suggests that you must integrate some qualities of the opposite sex.

The qualities that stood out about the outsider in your dreams may be qualities you are attracted to, and wish you had more of in your life. Dream psychologist Lauri Loewenberg suggests thinking of three traits that you love about someone when having a sexy dream about them.

One of the ways you can begin to uncover the hidden meanings in your dream sex act, or make-believe, is by considering the person involved in the act. As you grow and recognize there are multiple aspects of who you truly are, sex and making-love dreams can be a way of honoring those other roles that you are playing, or values that are driving you, and reconciling those in your inner self.

For instance, if you have become so focused on work and accomplishments that you have not left room for play and nurturing in your life, your ex-sex may be a mate--the lighter, more tender side of you, who needs to be recognized as a vital part of who you truly are. If you have felt disempowered within the relationship or in a breakup, dreams can be a reminder to take back your power and recognize the love that is inside of you and is not up to someone else to take away. A dream about making love with an outsider may symbolise you becoming bored with your current life and the people in it.

Dreaming about watching your girlfriend make love to someone else suggests that you are taking a passive role in their sexual lives. Dreaming of yourself kissing another mans boyfriend or girlfriend indicates that you want to get into a relationship and experience the energy of love. Dreaming about having sex with someone other than your partner is normal too.

Dreams about going to bed with someone you do not know definitely are not representative of truth, nor are they metaphors for the dreamers intimate life. Dreaming of having a close relationship with a person you do not know is also a sign of an internal quest for an adventure-romance missing from ones life, and the longing for stable, long-lasting relationships. If you find yourself fantasizing about wild sexual fantasies with a colleague who you always admire, but who you find to be the least bit attractive, that does not mean that you are being unconsciously scorned.

Well, although your dreams cannot actually give you any clues about the type of lover that this particular coworker actually is, they certainly may give you some of the insights that you need to understand how sexually attracted you are to that individual. Similar to having sex with your co-worker, how this dream is interpreted depends entirely on how you react to it.

The dream can be an indication of suppressed sexual desires, as well as a need for both physical and emotional love. The dream indicates fear of sexuality or imbalanced sexual energies. Your dreams are representative of how you perceive your own sexuality within a political and social normative framework.

Dreams may also represent your creative energies, as well as being connected with symbols related to your need for control or submission, either in waking life or any other context. This is one of the more common sex dreams people experience, often called the mysterious lover dream or fantasy nightmare, depending on how you look at it. It may be shocking to wake up and realize the sex dream which gave you the orgasms in bed or wet dreams was not with your current partner -- and therefore, makes you guilty. You might find sex dreams give a sense of fulfillment in times when you are feeling alone or unappreciated in your intimate life, and those primitive urges are expressed through dreams, which are overlaid with symbolic meanings. While this is not always the case, many dreams may hold deeper meaning, particularly those that include sex. This means these dreams - although they may involve sexuality - may indicate something going on with your career, love life, or home, as well as indicate deeper, personal desires.

What I am saying is that dreams about sexuality are often connected with our internal desires. Dreaming about giving another person sexual pleasure can indicate you are feeling a sense of personal accomplishment and enjoyment in your life. If you are seeing in a dream your partner is upset that you are having sex with another person, an old-timey interpretation for that scenario is that you are feeling your pleasure in life needs acknowledging. However, dreams about getting dirty with another person may indicate you are feeling unfulfilled in your relationships, both within and outside the bedroom. Dreaming about being unfaithful indicates that you are feeling dissatisfied in your current relationship.

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