Drowning In A Swimming Pool Dream Meaning

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Drowning In A Swimming Pool Dream Meaning And Dream Interpretation

When you dream of drowning in a pool, it is often reflecting something about your life you think is purposefully manufactured. Sometimes, dreams of drowning in a swimming pool are an unfortunate cautionary sign to purge yourself of unpleasant experiences or neglected emotions in your life. When you dream of drowning in shallow pools, it may also mean the life you built for yourself is no longer sustainable.

Dreams about drowning in a pool with others surrounding you indicate that you are desperate for a lifestyle change, and other people are as aware as you are. Dreaming of drowning in a pool symbolizes the abrupt changes to your quiet life. Dreaming of a clean pool may represent change in your life, so prepare yourself for major changes.

Clear, soft waters in a swimming pool dream means that you are headed toward love and happiness in your real life. Just as you did in the dream, the waters are clean, and you are ready to begin your new journey of success. If you are seeing clear blue water in your dreams, to the point where you can see the bottom of the pool, that is a sign you must assess your life. If you are swimming in, or spending time around, clear waters in your dreams, then you are likely to have connected to your emotions and are more aware of your feelings in life.

If you are dreaming of swimming in the ocean, you might be feeling emotions pulling you in a variety of directions. If your dreams include floating underwater through the ocean, you may be harboring feelings that you have yet to confront. Replace emotions with any element of your life that feels weighty, and you can start to make sense of a drowning dream. Drowning at the ocean in a dream (see also Water dreams interpretations and meanings) suggests that your emotions are holding you back from living the best life possible.

If you had a dream about your baby drowning in the swimming pool, it suggests that your emotions are about to overwhelm you, and it is a disturbing dream above all others. Drowning dreams can indicate that you are feeling completely overwhelmed with something in your life. If you feel nothing as someone drowns before you, the dream means a loss of identity or of your emotions. If a drowning dream shows that you are trying to intentionally drown someone, this signifies feelings you wish to display towards specific people or situations.

Even if you are not touching water in the pool, the dream has a particular meaning surrounding your emotions. A swimming pool dream, or any water-filled dream, can refer to your unconscious mind, and/or your emotions can indicate you are exploring your unconscious mind and trying to learn, understand, and value yourself more. Swimming pools in real life are usually associated with status symbols, in dreams, the pool is associated with your emotions, if it is calm and clear, this is considered to be a good dream, if it is murky, there might be challenges coming.

Since we know water symbolises emotions, and swimming pools thus stand for managed emotions, dreams of swimming pools can indicate you are repressing negative feelings, sadness, or grief. Because swimming pools are not as big as the sea, lakes, and oceans, swimming pools do indeed symbolize our emotions in dreams, but those emotions are generally less powerful than those symbolized by larger bodies of water, such as the ocean. Drowning dreams may symbolize how well you manage your emotions, how well you swim against the tides and flow of life.

I myself have had dreams about drowning in an indoor swimming pool, and if that is present in your dreams, then that may indicate you wish to be out of sight, out of mind, or just alone. Seeing an indoor pool in your dream state indicates that you are feeling trapped or pushed around by people or situations. Dreaming about feeling exhausted when swimming is a sign that you are feeling trapped by certain situations in your waking life.

Seeing the pool fountain in the dream is a sign that you are going to be experiencing a renewal of sorts in your real life. If you dream about a private pool owned by someone else, that is a sign you are craving for something in your awake life. If you dream of seeing nude women in the pool, it is an indicator that you are going to get involved in scandal. If you dreamed of drowning in a pool, it means difficult times are coming.

If you dreamt of drowning in a pool with others with you, it means that you are going to scale back and make others aware. To dream of drowning in a swimming pool or toilet, when alone; indicates that the life that one has built for oneself is no longer sustainable. When dreaming of nearly drowning, it also means you would avoid being put into an uncomfortable or distressing situation. When you dream of nearly or nearly drowning, but you do not, the meaning of a drowning dream suggests you may avoid being in an uncomfortable situation in your wakening life.

Typically, a swimming pool dream means you are dealing with an overwhelming amount of feelings. Dreaming of teaching others how to swim at the hotels pool is a sign you are going to be facing turbulence in your personal life -- this may mean you are headed toward a divorce or fight within your own family. Dreaming of saving someone from drowning indicates that others will seek out your help early on, seeing you as a support pillar in their lives.

If in a dream, you see yourself jumping in a pool for cooling off, it may suggest there are going to be helpful people who help you on your journey.

If you are nervous about being in a dark pool in a dream, it could indicate you are not comfortable embracing the heavier, deeper emotions of the unconscious.

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