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Evangelist Joshua Dream About Poop (Poop Dream Meaning And Interpretation According To Evangelist Joshua)

Many people really dream of peeing, sometimes they will even dream of peeing. There are various types of scenarios that involve feces, you may dream of activities such as yourself or somebody pooping, and you may also dream about seeing the feces themselves. Well, obviously, not seeing dreams of feces as significant, or seeing them as something that might be a good sign for you. Also, a lot of people are unaware that those dreams may also hold deeper meanings.

When you are dreaming of the feces surrounding you, then this could mean you are being surrounded by a danger that you are unaware of. Ever having a dream about feces around your house means that there is going to be some major chaos happening in your real life. A feces dream is something you do not expect, and may indicate sudden changes in your life.

Dreams about seeing feces in bed -- If you are having a dream like this where you are dreaming of seeing feces in bed, this kind of dream might be a sign that you are not living your life to its fullest, or at least, not the way that you are supposed to. Dreaming of Human Feces- If you had a dream like this in which you are dreaming about Human Feces, then this type if a dream can actually mean more than one thing. Dreaming of eating feces- If you had a dream like this in which yiu are eating feces, then this type of dream might be a sign that you are forgetting that you are the protagonist of your own life, and that you have the power to change anything that you want to in your own life. For instance, if you have dreams where you frequently visit the bathroom to pee or pee, this means the meal has reached a stage where it is going through the pee.

To dream that it is hard to shit or poop means Satan has arrested you and is preventing you from being free. Dreams of peeing in a toilet are associated with poor health, and that you are in trouble.

The more disturbing one of these crap dreams is finding your own crap, or seeing it shit all over your body. Obviously, nobody likes walking around with shit on their body, but the minute that the dream has any traces of shit or feces on your body, that means that you are definitely going to be entertaining some bad luck and hate. It is obvious that nobody likes to walk around with shit and feces on their body in the present, so it may in a dream mean that you are unfortunate or hated. If you are dreaming about seeing shit on the floor, that means that you are surrounded by a spirit of shame and dishonor.

If you dream of having sex in a bathroom, it means that your life is engulfed by a curse of failure and difficulty. When you dream that someone is pouring shit or peeing on you, it is obvious you have an enemy who does not want you to advance or accomplish great things in your life. If you are male, and see yourself using the bathroom in your dreams, it is highly likely you will be experiencing bondage, failure, or an endless cycle of misfortune.

You should not consider whether something bad is going to happen if you see yourself urinating in your dreams. It could be a sign of an enslaved conscience if in your dreams, you perceive that you are a dirty person because you have been exposed to feces. Seeing poop in your dreams is representative of problems you need to watch out for when you are avoidance. A dream where you see poop on your bed can also be related to your love life and sex because it indicates a possibility that you may have problems with your partner.

Dreams of seeing poop all over you indicate there is some sin within you which is blocking you from answering prayers. If you are dreaming of poop all the time, you must seriously examine your spiritual life, because this could portend manipulation by the Witch.

When you dream about pooping on yourself, it can be a good sign, poo is waste matter from your body, and dreams of getting rid of them can be about getting rid of things around you that might be bad for you, or that could cause trouble or harm to you. If you get a positive feeling after a pooping or defecating dream, that is defined as presence of your God. If it feels like nightmare, then that indicates presence of the evil spirits during the dream. If you are dreaming about getting into the dream, that means that you are going to have the exact opposite experience in the wake up. Seeing yourself blinded in the dream is a bad mans work, meaning that you are being shown by your enemies what is coming, or has happened, and that you might not even see the end of life, the best things people used to see, right after waking. Use Psalms 11, 12, 13 over 7 days of drinking and bathing, with a final 7-day fast.

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