Hitting Pedestrian Dream Meaning

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Hitting Pedestrian Dream Meaning (What Does It Mean To Dream Hitting A Pedestrian)

To dream about a getaway car hitting a pedestrian suggests a run-and-gun dream has something important to convey. If you are a victim of a hit-and-run dream, or have been followed by a car, this dream may be indicative of difficult paths ahead in your life.

If you have a dream that you have hit or sped someone in with a car, then this implies you hurt someone in order to get ahead in life. Hitting someone as you are driving the car or, shall we say, running someone over, can indicate that you are concerned with the feelings of hurting someone. A dream where you hit or running someone with your car, or rather driving someone over them, suggests that you are worried about hurting someones feelings. If you dream of someone running into your automobile, this type of dream may indicate that you are extremely obsessed with someone in real life.

If you dreamed that someone crashed into the back of your car, such a dream could be a representation of you trying, but failing, to get anyones attention. If you dreamed of hitting a pedestrian with a car, such a dream could represent what you did to someone in the past, which was wrong, to accomplish some purpose. Repeatedly hitting someone with a car in your dreams indicates you are moving toward setting your goals in life. Dreaming about hitting someone with a car is a reminder you are strong enough to push through obstacles and difficulties in your life.

Especially if you are a new driver, you might experience dreams about crashing cars because you are nervous to drive. Dreaming of someone not driving the moving car suggests you need to reevaluate the amount of control you have in your life. If you were not meant to be in the car when the crash happened, the dream indicates you are slowly losing control of your life.

Dreaming about your children being killed in an automobile accident implies that you are losing control of them in waking life. To dream that your daughter is killed in a car crash, or is struck and killed by a car, implies a common parenting concern. To dream of seeing or hearing that someone is injured in a car crash; it means that you cannot control others actions.

If you dream about being involved in a car accident, it means you feel that you have to be more cautious in your life, as you do not want to get frustrated. If you dreamed of a crash where your car fell in water off of a bridge, this type of dream can mean that some of your goals will not be met successfully, and you might be disappointed as a result. To dream of an accident in which a drone crashes into your car, suggests that someone or something is going to cause you a lot of trouble or harm. Suppose that you dreamed about your car collapsing due to fog, losing direction, or a bad sign.

Dreaming about forgetting or being unable to find the place you left your car indicates you are not satisfied or happy about some aspect of your life in waking life. If your car is parked in your dreams, it means you are stuck in life at this point. If you dream about being at the parking lot looking for your car, but not being able to find it, such dreams are representative of the lost state of your mind.

To see or dream that your car is crushed represents disappointments occurring in your waking life. To dream that your car is not starting indicates you are feeling helpless in certain situations. If you dream of your car ending up in the river, this type of dream may represent that you have tried and failed to begin a love affair with the one you wanted, because of another persons opposition, and this has disappointed you tremendously.

Sometimes, such a dream may mean someone has betrayed or used you, perhaps even a person crashing your car in your dreams. If you have experienced the dream in your wakeful life, it is a sign that you are struggling to keep some aspects of your identity under control. For instance, if you have a dream about being a hit-and-run victim, or being followed by a car, that dream could indicate you are starting down a rough path in your life.

Dreaming of being nearly struck or being hit by a vehicle suggests that your way of living, beliefs, or goals might conflict with another. If you dream of dying from an automobile accident, and actually see your loved ones reactions, it suggests that your reckless actions are impacting the people around you. Your dreams may also just be representing your fears about being in a real accident.

Just because you had that dream does not mean something awful is going to happen. Perhaps dreams like these are indicative of lost time, so you need to get yourself together and begin planning for your time and your life. Another possible meaning of the dream where you saw the bus wreck is you seeing a terrible tragedy happening very shortly.

Another scenario might be that you are having a dream about being struck by a car as you are running down a road to talk to somebody with whom you are planning on cheating on your spouse. Sometimes, dreams about someone hitting someone with a car are an unfortunate red flag to your feelings of shame and guilt. In other words, dreams that show people being killed in a car crash are usually used to signify significant changes to ones life-path.

Dreams of a tree-related car crash suggest that life is going to throw a wrench into ones intended plans. Dreams about accidents at home may also signify that you are in need of a personal change. Dreams of accidents in the home may signify tension is building up in the environment in your home.

If you are enjoying driving your car in the dream, it is symbolic of being in a very comfortable place in your life, without any worries. Dreaming about cars represents our driving direction in life, the path that we are taking. Driving a car can either be a good or a bad symbol depending on the context of your dream. Dreaming of not being able to open your cars windows suggests you are showing a certain amount of hesitation and reservations in regards to the direction that you are taking in life, or the route that you are taking.

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