How to Have Lucid Sex Dreams?

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How To Have Lucid Sex Dreams?

While many researchers doubted that lucid dreams were nothing more than brief excitations, studies started in the late 1960s and 1970s to examine the specific properties of lucid dreams with EEG (Electroencephalogram) devices that measure brain activity with non-invasive electrodes on the scalp. In a 1983 study, the subjects became aware that they were signaled by certain eye movements by the researchers, and when they realized that they were dreaming, they began to engage in erotic activities while dreaming, and they had orgasms.

Intensive sex dreams can bring us to a higher level of experience than non-lucid states, even if we lie sweaty and unfulfilled in our beds. Some have shown that the body reacts similarly to waking up after sex during clear dreams, with our sense of emotions and thoughts intensifying during the dream.

Lucid dream sex is the main reason that motivates people to learn how to control their dreams. If you practice clear-sighted dreaming, you will be able to encourage your subconscious mind to show you who your true love is and who is the best sexual partner for you. And if you have a lot of lucid dream sex, you can see what motivates the dreams and find out how to get there.

Lucid dreaming is practiced by the same people who meditate and can be used to turn bad dreams into good ones. By acting and making active decisions about the dreams they experience, lucid dreamers can make creative connections and test how things work. If you learn to have sex in your dreams for no other reason than to experience your sexuality in a new way, it can be a lot of fun.

The most common way to practice and induce lucid sex dreams and erotic dreams is by using a combination of images before going to sleep and music designed to induce erotic dreams. An excellent approach is to stare at your hands and think intensenly, "Tonight I will see my hands in my dreams without knowing that I am dreaming.". Also be very conscious of having a sex dream, invoque images that you would like to see and set background music that can trigger these lucid dreams. And just let your mind drift away...

Also, while your bedding and choice of nightwear do not guarantee that you have sex dreams, but they can help create a sense of freedom that sends your sleeping mind in a sexual direction.

Most lucid dreams occur during REM sleep, and genital arousal is a feature of REM that explains not only the real sensations, but also the increased sexual desire that many lucid dreamers report. A study by Laberge, Greenleaf and Kedzierski (1983) showed that lucid dream orgasms are accompanied by real physical reactions, including increased heart rate in men, changes in vascular tissue and actual ejaculation. Whether the desire is strong depends on the degree of clarity that can shift from dreaming to sex.

Lucid dream sex can be less overwhelming than its real-life counterpart. The dreams feel real and offer you the same high physical response as during real sex. If you have ever had sex in real life, your brain will be able to reproduce these feelings in a clear dream experience.

When you become clairvoyant, you can choose whether or not you want to pursue sex in your dreams. Just like eat in a lucid dream, food tastes like real life ; sex is a subjective thing and you can experience the strong feeling of having sex in the dream. In clear dreams there is no orgasm, but it is like masturbating in them for sex.

Even if you are not able to have a clear dream, you can still maintain enough control over your dreams to suggest with these steps that your body and mind are in the right state for steamy sex dreams.

Since people are always horny, it is no surprise that lucid sex dreams are something people do, and it has become a hot topic of research. It is a common field of research, and scientists are studying how people are able to manipulate their dreams for their own use. A study published in the journal of dreams says that sleeping in certain positions increases your probability of having a sex dream.

So, are you ready to begin experiencing lucid sex and erotic dreams? Then, make sure to subscribe to our partner Yotube Channel Music and Relaxing, which also features music designed to induce erotic dreams and is perfect for lucid sex dreaming.


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