Spiritual Meaning Of Cats In Dreams

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Spiritual Meaning Of Cats In Dreams (What Does It Mean To Dream About Cats?)

In general, the dream of the cat highlights your female sexuality, independent spirit, creativity, and strength. Having a dream where you see a cat represents your assertiveness, feminine expression, inventiveness, and power. If, for instance, you had a black pet cat that was loving and playful, then a cat in your dream may represent these same qualities. If you are dreaming about a cat, it indicates this is a highly symbolic dream, representing your independence, relaxation, the ability to see things ahead, and ultimately your unconscious mind.

If cats are running rampant around your house, the interpretation may be similar to more generic dreams about more cats. Sometimes, if cats are featured in the dream, it may be somewhat confusing to figure out the real meaning. For the cat to be aggressive in a dream, this may relate to difficulties in the waking life with the female. The cats scratching in the dreams may also indicate problems with the female partner.

If a cat is pouty, it could be an indication you are having issues with a more feminine aspect of yourself. If the cats that appear in your dreams are angry, they could represent the feminine figures in your life. Whether you are a man or woman, or love cats or hate cats, in general, if a cat appears in your dreams, it is a powerful message to pay closer attention to your intuition. If the cat playing was present in your dream, it may have been a reminder to take it easy on yourself.

If you have dreamed about a stray cat, that cat could represent you in another aspect of your waking life. If you notice your cat drinking water in your dream, it can be connected to your emotions in both the mental and symbolic sense. As a cat represents wisdom, a lost cat may be also hit on the meaning of dreams.

If you are in your dreams hunting down a black cat it means that you are going to outsmart your enemies and anything they may have demon plans for you is going to become null and void. If the cat or kitten is jumping on top of your body, means you will not fulfill the plans of the Lord, the dream indicates the enemys plan of binding you under satanic oppression.

If you dream about the white cats being children of God, this too indicates a link between you and the powers of your forefathers. If you dream of black cats and white cats in separate dreams, biblically, that means that there will be sadness and teeth-gnashing. In reality, whenever you dream of black cats, it means that some spirit of the family is trying to hurt you and ruin your fate. Dreaming that the cat bit you means that you should watch out for the bad guys in real life.

Dreaming of saving a cats life implies you are recovering your independence and power. Thus, dreams about saving cats may symbolize your own attempts at asserting your independence. In dreams about saving cats, animals can stand for independence and power over oneself.

Cats are the dream symbol for self-reliance, but there is one exception to that rule, and that is if they show up as an unaided kitten, A who represents innocence, purity, and openness to the future. Cats are very emotional, and since they are usually caring, a dream can often mean you feel like you need to be loved by others.

A feral cat in the dream is associated with meeting resolutions in life, and mentally seeing a feral cat on a variety of grounds indicates you will be admiring others. Whether you have a deep-seated love of cats or not influences how the symbol in a dream is interpreted. You see, each dream symbolawhether the symbol is strange and out-of-touch, such as a spaceship, or ordinary and a part of everyday life, such as catsais an opportunity to better understand yourself.

Dreaming about tiny cats indicates you are having lots of thoughts, and feeling uncertain. Dreaming of many-colored cats indicates that you might be distracted and are not in the right frame of mind to handle things that need to be carefully considered, particularly major negotiations and signing contracts. Some say dreaming of taking a cat means that you are letting your emotions take over your brain. Some say dreaming of giving a cat a home might mean you are letting your heart rule your head.

If you see the family cat jumping onto you in your dreams, it represents the attack of the Witch. To hear the cat screaming in a dream means someone from the wakeful life said something hurtful in the heat of the moment. To not be able to wipe away cat poop in a dream means a weird spirit has planted a seed in your life.

Ancient dream dictionary states if a cat looks soiled, it may also mean a friend is likely recovering from long-term sickness. A playful cat may mean you are having lots of fun in that area, whereas a biting or scratching cat may be a warning from your subconscious that something you are doing may not be good.

Dreams indicate you are going to make friends with someone with whom you had previously had bad relationships. A If you have dreams about fighting between cats and dogs, they are an indication that your recent misconceptions about others are going to slowly fade away, and this is a good sign. A Cats are symbols of fear in real life - possibly about failing at your job or love life, says Russell Grant, author ofA The Illustrated Dream Dictionary. If you dream of a ginger cat, they are thought to stand for passion and belief.

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