Spiritual Meaning Of Having Sex In A Dream

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Spiritual Meaning Of Having Sex In A Dream (What Does It Mean To Have Sex In A Dream According To The Bible)

After we covered a few of the essential questions regarding making love in dreams, we move on to discussing different spiritual meanings that can be gained by having sex in dreams. When looking for spiritual meanings from having sex in the dream with someone, or having your spouse having sex with someone else, you need to be cautious in how you interpret your dreams.

In other words, the spiritual meaning of having sex in a dream depends dramatically on where you are in spirituality at the time you had the dream. One of the biggest misconceptions regarding having sex in a dream is that it means someone else your dreams harbors secret desires for you.

Or, simply put, the fact that you have dreamed about having sex, or someone else has had sex, does not mean that you wish you had sex with the person your dream, nor does the person in your dream wish you had sex, or that the person in your dream is necessarily having sex with you in your wakeful life. I would argue the same thing, sexual hormones, desires, urges, born in nature, can cause an individual to dream about having sex, and waking up, they are not having sex. When you dream you are having sex in your dreams, but upon examination of yourself feel certain you are not thinking about, or feeding any thoughts on, anything sexual, it could be God warning you about a coming assault against you.

Dreaming about someone being sexual may also be a spiritual attack, as we discuss later in this article. Not repenting for your past sexual sins and asking God to break these connections may lead to dreaming of having sex in your dreams. If you do end up having a dream with sexual imagery, please know the spirit of lust is attacking you and taking you captive.

If you are suffering from a sexual addiction, and have dreamed about making love that has stains of blood on it, that is a sign you must be breaking your sexual addiction. Once you made sex in the dream, you left your blood in the demons body as the man, and the demon left its blood inside of you as the woman. Nothing on Earth is as jealous as the spirit husband or wife, and nothing works for you physically once you have had sex in dreams.

In this dream, you are intimate with a person whom you are very familiar with, who you never think of as a possible partner for passion. Dreaming about being in an intimate relationship with someone you do not know is also a sign of an inner quest for an adventurous romanticism one has been missing in ones life, as well as the longing for a steady, long-lasting relationship. According to certified dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg, dreams about having sex with a former partner are a representation of the wish you feel to wed parts of this older relationship into your present one.

According to certified dream analyst Lauri Loewenberg, you need to consider the type of relationship you had with the family member in order to understand the meaning behind the dream. Having a sexual dream about a family member might sound creepy, but that does not mean you are some kind of strange person. You almost certainly dreamed about making love to someone, and if you never have, just know the odds that you will experience that kind of experience are pretty good.

The minute that you start to dream about making love with a person of the same gender, that is a spiritual sign that your priorities are out of balance. Sexual dreams are simply that -- weird dreams. If these sexual dreams are a product of daytime, lustful thoughts, though, repentance might be in order. If you have dreams of being involved in earnest evangelical activity, that means that you are fulfilling Gods words which said, Go in and get the word.

If you dream of using a holy bible for prayer, for preaching, not as decoration, that means the word of the Lord is not going away from you. What I am praying is these texts may be used just by the Holy Ghost to bring about a new strength to break free of dreams we cannot control, but God can. This text is teaching that God does indeed use dreams to scare us out of admonishing ourselves, in order to humble us and turn us away from sin.

God is using this dream to send a message to you, which is that whatever it is you need in life is revealed in the Word of the Lord, and not just by a pastors mouth. When you are convinced the dream is a result of demonic attacks, you need to put a greater emphasis on prayer and reading scripture, as well as a fast. He urges readers to prayerfully seek release from these dreams; to read Scripture before going to bed, or even have sleep studies.

Sex dreams are not always indicative of a spiritual assault, sinful behavior, impurity, and other ill-foreshadowings. For instance, if you dream about having sex with your younger brother or sister, that does not necessarily speak to sin or unholiness.

If you dream of climbing mountains, for instance, it means it might be impossible for you to achieve your goals. You may find that sexual dreams offer fulfillment in times when you are feeling alone or not valued in your intimate life, and those primal impulses are expressed through your dreams, overlaid with symbolic meanings. Such a woman might feel some kind of temporary paralysis as a supposed incubus attempts to make its way to her via sex within the realm of dreams.

A man who is trying to live pure, yet dreams about having sex with a series of women, none of whom is his wife, does not have to repent. One of the dreams that I am asked most often is the cheating dream -- where you dream about seeing or knowing your partner has had sex with someone else, or is in an intimate relationship. One of the ways to begin unpacking the hidden meanings in a cheating or lovemaking dream is to think about who is engaging in the action.

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