What Does It Mean To Dream About Cats?

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What Does It Mean To Dream About Cats?

When you dream a cat, it indicates that it is a symbolic dream that represents your own independence, relaxation and ability to see things directly in front of you through subconscious awareness. A cat's dream symbolizes the part of you that is independent, strong and powerful enough to fight against the odds of life. In this dream you will not only find your cat as a metaphor for your independent mind, but you will also feel that nothing prevents you from being free.

Cats in dreams are just as complex as in real life and they symbolize a strong connection between your intuition and your unconscious perception of the opposite sex.

A dream cat can assume an abundance of meanings, and everything depends on how the individual interprets it in his waking state. From a traditional symbol of independence, femininity, intuition and creativity, a dreaming cat can have many interpretations of what you see within you. Dream cats have been held up as negative symbolism since the Bible, but the correct interpretation of dreams depends on your waking life, your personality and your inner energy.

If you get scared of cats in your dream, this is symbolic of false fear and unnecessary anxiety in your waking life. Hearing a cat scream in your dreams can mean waking up in the heat of the moment saying something hurtful. If you dream that a cat will attack you in your dream, it means that your fear and anxiety will wake up later in life.

If you see a black cat in your dreams it means that you should ignore your intuition that it is related to bad luck or a bad omen, and that you should listen this time to what your inner mind tells you.

A dream about cats symbolizes your desire to enjoy your life and find joy. If you dream of a white cat, that means that your life will not be a bed of roses and you are in a difficult time. Dreaming of cats also symbolizes an illusion or deception that feels good but cannot be proven.

When you think about your dreams of cats, in your waking life you might consider your relationship with cats, says Loewenberg. Cats represent intimacy, she tells Bustle, so if you're preoccupied with your love life, cats might dream of your future.

When you dream about cats, certified dream analysts say it's not random dreaming - your subconscious is inventing metaphors for what's going on in your life. Add to that what cats mean to you and what they do in your dreams and you might find the perfect metaphor for a sticky situation as your partner collides with your boss. The best way to stop dreaming about cats is to discover whether the dream is meant to solve a problem in your real life.

When a man dreams of purring cats, it means he feels that women find him attractive, and it means he feels comfortable in female company. In this dream, the cat represents Anima, which symbolizes how a man, through his intuition, behaves towards women in his life.

If the cat is aggressive in the dream, it may be that it has difficulties with females in the waking life. If the dream has a cat claw, it could be because the cat bite is associated with the feeling of being trapped in the current situation.

Seeing a cat sick in your dreams or taking a cat to the vet can indicate that you still have time to enjoy your life and that you will be better off.

Eating cat mess is one of the most disgusting dreams you can imagine. The dream is a symbol which tells you you have to defend yourself against someone in real life you know. Cats drink milk in their dreams, and if you give them food and water, they suggest that you don't have to prove anything in your life. If you dream that your cat will find something you are not worried about, this could mean that you have a new love relationship in your life and do not want to bind yourself too much to another person.

Other interpretations claim that cats in dreams represent femininity, softness, independent spirit, creativity, power, misfortune, vulnerability, bad luck, deceit and falsehood that can be seen as meaning of several supposed meanings. A woman who sees in her dreams a sick cat might know that she has been suffocated in some aspect of her life by her intuition and that this has put her off the path that would enable her to fulfill her higher purpose in some way.

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