What Does It Mean To Dream Of Kissing Someone Passionately?

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What Does It Mean To Dream Of Kissing Someone Passionately

If you ever dreamed of a long, passionate kiss with the person you love, this is a clear sign that you really feel deep for them and want it to happen. My dream of deep love, I knew it wasn't real life, but my boyfriend and my father knew it couldn't be real life because I had been kissed on the lips so many times. Dreaming of a passionate kiss, whether with someone you love deeply or only casually, is a very clear sign that you want that kiss to actually happen.

Depending on the context of the dream, a kiss can mean you are unhappy with your life. Kissing someone whom you dream of being the enemy could indicate your dissatisfaction with the life you have right now. Conversely, kissing someone you consider an enemy is a good sign.

The dream of seeing other people kissing represents different aspects of your personality, works in different areas of your life and supports each other. When you kiss someone you know well, the dream of kissing someone in your work environment means that you have a good relationship, in this case a confirmation of a healthy relationship between the two people. A dream in which you kiss in real life your boyfriend means you are in love with him or her, but in most cases it has no romantic meaning.

In the old dream dictionary, kissing someone you don't like can indicate that you feel like something is missing in your life. The feeling that someone kisses you in a dream can mean that you feel a sense of joy in life.

If you see yourself in a dream with a passionate kiss on your lips, this could indicate that you need to check out how your love life is going. Watching a couple kiss in a dream is not a good sign and may indicate that an unfortunate event has happened in your life. The dream of kissing your wife after she has cheated, or seeing her kiss someone else, can mean a sense of worry when you wake up in life.

Kissing another person in a dream on the lips can indicate that you have better communication in life, whether you are waiting for someone to respond to you or if you are anxious to hear important news at work. Kissing someone in a dream can also mean that you have a certain preference for them in your waking life.

If you dream of giving a kiss to a stranger, it means you are competing with each other in real life. When you kiss someone famous in a dream, it can mean your inclination to succeed in life. If you dream of kissing someone you would love to kiss in real life, this is a good sign that you can reach an important goal in the near future.

Kissing a girl in a dream is unattractive, but a dream can say something good about the changes that are going on in your life. If you dream that you kiss someone you do not want or do not like, waking up in a lifelong dream state may indicate that you are in a situation that is unfair, demanding, controlling and manipulative.

If you dream of someone trying to kiss against your will, it can mean they are trying to manage your life. If you have dreamed of kissing someone you have never kissed in real life, this might mean that you need a better way to communicate. As you know, kissing someone in a dream does not necessarily mean a relationship problem, but it can be a lot of affection between two friends.

Denise Lynn's Dreambook sees a kissing dream as harmony with someone in real life. In the dream of kissing you meet an energetic woman who enjoys being busy and the conclusion of kissing with a friend in the dream shows that you have many different choices in life, even if the dream is linked to an actual relationship and you wake up with a life full of friends. Knowing that the friend in your dream is a kiss shows that even without a nurturing and caring woman, you can focus on finding a new love, relationship or friendship that brings fireworks to your life.

Kissing someone's eyes in a dream means living a heterosexual or homosexual life, but it also includes a warning to stop such abhorrent and unlawful practices or to contract an unknown disease.

If you dream of sharing a passionate lover kiss with a friend, it means hiding romantic feelings for your boyfriend. When we dream of kissing our friends, we often feel a sense of loneliness in life, so such a dream suggests that you are looking after your best friend and it is important for you to feel appreciation from the person in your life. If you have dreamed of kissing someone on the forehead, it represents a deep and all-embracing acceptance of a particular person or situation in your life.

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