What Meaning Dream Volcano

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What Meaning Dream Volcano

If you dream of a dormant volcano, this could be a sign of the emergence of new emotions in life that have not yet been fully revealed. Such dreams can indicate suppressed feelings, which one does not want to reveal.

In most cases, dreams symbolize your hidden emotions, which are about to explode. When one dreams of escaping a volcanic eruption, such dreams can be a good sign that a potentially catastrophic situation is about to end. However, if you dream of a volcanic eruption happening to you, this could be a bad sign that a major negative change is taking place in your life.

A dream in which you see a volcano erupting and escape means that you are in a catastrophic situation, but in the end a positive situation will occur. If you dream of water coming from a volcano or hot lava, this is a sign that you will be going through an experience or situation that will not be as catastrophic or problematic as you expected.

If you dream a volcano emitting water instead of lava in a dream, such dreams may indicate that the situation will not be as dangerous as you expected. A dream in which a volcano erupts water instead of hot lava may reflect your feeling that the eruptive situation is not as dangerous as you expected.

If in your dream there is a dangerous volcano in the volcano, or if the volcano needs to erupt to change or experience something similar to the meeting point of a tectonic plate, this meeting point can be a reflection of a psychological change taking place in your life.

An erupting volcano is a symbol for the feelings you have and how they seem to change in yourself and in the environment. In a dream where you are standing in a volcanic crater that is about to erupt, the dream symbolizes your current emotional instability. In this dream, the volcano means that you are angry and carry your feelings within you, but in a moment your feelings erupt into the volcano.

Such dreams can mean that your family situation is bad or that you have not had a good relationship with your partner or your family member. The dream can also indicate that you are ashamed because you have lost your nerve in such situations in the past.

The existence of a volcano in dream is a symbol of the unconscious mind controlling your temperament and emotions. It could mean that pressure builds up in your life and that you struggle to keep up. A volcano erupting in your dream could be a sign that you are stressed about your work or worried about something you can't get out of the way.

Seeing a volcano in a dream can indicate an eruption of emotions. A dream volcano (s) can be a sign that your feelings of anger and desire to burst with negative things, negative thoughts and emotions are much more in you than before.

Sometimes, volcano-related dreams occur in people who have difficulty controlling their emotions. A dream of a volcano can cause you to lose your nerve, become inappropriately angry, suppress thoughts of potential confusion and destruction, ignore warnings of a seemingly dangerous or difficult emotional situation, or ignore possible changes that are imminent. A dream of a volcano can evoke suppressed feelings and emotions and must make them as clear as possible.

In this dream, the volcano is about to explode or erupt, meaning that the built-up tension could cause great damage if nothing is done about it. A dream associated with a volcano could be a symbol of your sad life situation.

Note how the volcano erupts to connect with the dreamers tension and expression of creative outbursts of oppression and emotion. Dream lava awakens heated emotions that burn long and slowly and are soon released. Volcanic lava indicates that the emotions that hit you will soon disappear.

Just as we receive warnings of heartburn, indigestion or a rise in blood pressure and ignore them until a force fulfills its promise and erupts into violent emotional outbursts or worse physical catastrophes like a heart attack, we also can dream of a volcano to study our emotions and our lives.

In this case, the dream indicates a cooling of emotions and isolation. The dream is that you can no longer hold on to your feelings and must let them go as quickly as possible to avoid disaster. This dream evokes many bad feelings that are strong enough to cause harm if allowed to happen.

Dreaming of escape from a volcanic eruption If you have ever dreamed of escaping from molten lava, this could be a good sign. It could mean a good end to a disastrous situation in your life.

Seeing the eruption of a volcano in a dream can mean discovering that something has arisen or that circumstances have changed from the dreamers "plans. A dream volcano erupting near you can signal that major changes are taking place in your life.

The key is to recognize pressure and find a way to release the vapor before the explosion is evident, but the most common interpretation of the dream volcano is to view it as a dangerous, violent or emotional situation about to erupt. In this case, it symbolizes an unpredictable and sudden event that can have devastating effects on your life and change it forever. A volcanic eruption in a dream can predict a storm of emotions, a negative impending problem or a warning to demonstrate more prudence in business and management.

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