Why Do I Keep Dreaming About Thee Same Persona According To Evangelist Joshua

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Why Do I Keep Dreaming About Thee Same Persona According To Evangelist Joshua (Dream Interpretations And Dream Meanings)

This dream can mean you are upset with someone, and want to hurt the person. Your dream could also be a dream that is sent by God, in order to deliver a very important message to the person. This kind of dream means you are an optimistic person who is willing to take on any challenge.

This dream comes as a sign for people around you to understand how competent you are at all times. If you see yourself in the classroom, some of your seniors are earnestly ready, and a teacher is at your side, teaching you all, it means that you are adding to your experience and your job, and if you are a minister of God, seeing this dream means God is teaching you yet another lesson about ministry, and not to be afraid is also a good dream. To see in your dreams those special men of God praying for or doing deliverances for you means that you will be released from the problems that you have now.

What I am praying is that these texts may be used just might be used by the Holy Ghost to bring about a new kind of deliverance power out of dreams which we cannot control, but God can. We know too that God speaks in dreams, and has done this throughout history. This interpretation may even be applied to dreams where we are not in the position of speaking, or crying for help.

When managed, the dream may indicate, in some form, that God is going to use your enemies against you. This dream has a negative symbolism, it is an announcement of the tough times ahead. This dream shows that effort is not futile, you will reap immediately the results you planted.

A cold water dream may indicate there are a lot of problems in your life, and you must fix them ASAP. A dream of cold water means you are thinking positively, you have positive feelings, and many positive things are happening in your life, but you are not aware of these things a lot of the time.

Seeing blindness in your dreams is omen of evil, it means the enemy has shown you things to come, or things to come that are already happening, you might not see the end of life, or the good things that people used to see, right after waking you up, using the Psalms 11, 12, 13 over the water seven times over seven days, drinking it, and taking it out the final day of your seven-day fast. When you see or hear people singing songs in a dream, means that you are going to die, it is a bad oman for giving up and rejecting you.

Maybe after the dreaming experience about the death of someone, you really wake up feeling scared or cluttered in spirit, so that is the sign of very bad situations to come your way, or a loved one. If the someone from your dreams died mysteriously in your dreams, then this may indicate an actual revelation that a person is probably going to die very soon due to serious attacks.

If seeing Someone at this location in your dreams means guidance for someone near and dear to you, pray and be vigilant in order to prevent this untimely death from occurring. Seeing places in your dreams may mean instruction to a person close to you, to be prayerful and watchful to avert the evil of un-timing death.

Perhaps the person you are dreaming of is a malevolent figure, someone interested in seeing you die, so if you are seeing their death in a dream, that just shows you God is really working on your battles of life. The consequence, though, is that if you do not share a nasty dream with that person, or perhaps pray for reversal of that awful revelation on his or her behalf, there are a number of cases that I have received lately indicating that dreamer might well be someone, or their family, that will probably suffer from the very same dream they refused to share.

Next time one of these common dreams comes up, you will be far better equipped not just to understand but also know how to react to it. Or perhaps the dreams will provide you with insights about what makes you truly happy.

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