Why Do We Dream About Certain Things?

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Why Do We Dream About Certain Things? (What Is The Reason For Dreaming The Same Things Over And Over?)

The first line of thought can be attributed to Sigmund Freud, who is recognized as the first person to give ultimate meaning to dreams - for example, the dream of a king and queen actually means that you are dreaming of your mother and father, Dr. Kreiger. is talking. Now, while a recurring dream or nightmare is not uncommon, whether it is of greater significance or significance, it has often been the subject of differing opinions. around creating structures for these interpretations, as if they could be the key to uncovering some hidden secrets of the human mind.

He adds that about two-thirds of people have recurring dreams, which does not mean that any topic or person is necessarily literal. Another theory is that people who have recurring dreams have some kind of trauma in their past that they are trying to cope with.

However, even if recurring dreams overwhelm you for a while, they sometimes come back again during a new stressful period. These dreams tend to reproduce a similar situation, such as being late, stalking, or delusional, but the exact content of the dream varies from moment to moment, such as being late for a train rather than an exam.

Unlike recurring dreams, they are frequently and repeatedly experienced in one’s life, while a typical dream theme refers to a common or inter-individual dream theme community. Although the exact content of repeated dreams varies from person to person, there is a common theme among people, and even between different cultures and different times.

People experiencing a recurring nightmare are somehow stuck in a particular way of responding to the dream scenario and its expectations. Dream science shows that recurring dreams can reflect unresolved conflicts in dreamers' lives. Recurring dreams usually mean that there is something in your life that you are not aware of, which is causing some kind of stress.

This is a typical example of repetitive dreams that a person can experience, possibly during periods of stress or change, or even in their lifetime. Recurring dreams usually start at a very young age, but they can start at any time and often last for the rest of your life. Because repetitive dreams sometimes begin in childhood, they may change slightly over time to reflect your changing experiences and worldview.

Although you may not have the same dreams as others, some dream themes remain fairly consistent from person to person. They may not always be intimidating, but they are more likely to be associated with negative or stressful experiences than positive experiences. When you wake up and see something particularly unusual or energetic, you may feel relieved, because this is just a dream you never have to experience again.

For example, dreams occurring in the dark can represent uncertainty in real life, for example, if you are “in the dark” about what is happening and you need more information to make a decision.

Likewise, many people may worry about their partner in a relationship that may appear in their dreams. According to Wallace, if you are dreaming of a former lover, it could mean that you are unconsciously repeating bad habits from your failed relationship. It's okay to dream of an ex, even someone you haven't seen in years, and usually something else.

If you are dreaming of someone whom you have not seen for a long time, he is probably thinking about you or may soon appear in your life. When you dream of someone, it means that he is thinking about you or will appear in your life. The appearance of a certain person in your dream means that you are wondering what your life with him could be like. If you do not live near the beach and always have negative feelings for this person, your dream may tell you that you are entering a period of transformation in your life.

If you dream about the new moon, you or the people around you are looking forward to a new beginning or new chapter in your life. This dream means that you are living according to your natural life cycle; everyone has their own, and universal...the dream of the new moon heralds change, renewal and periodic movement. As at the beginning, dreaming of more and more moons symbolizes a new beginning.

The first thing to remember is not to understand dreams literally, they are very symbolic and it may take some time to understand their meaning. The dream and the person you see in the dream is a reflection of yourself and things about yourself, you may not even know it. What we see and experience in our dreams may not always be real, but the emotions associated with these experiences are real. Since the people and events in our dreams are symbols carefully selected from our subconscious mind, you can write down what happened, the feelings it brings to you, and the memories and feelings you associate with the things in the dream. Know something. ...

Over time, a clearer picture of what you are thinking in your dream may appear. After completing this task, you need to start connecting the dots, and soon you will realize that the problems that you have in your life will be mentioned in a dream.

You may not always have direct control over the content of your dreams, but you can often take more indirect action by working to address any stressful issues in your life. Therefore, being aware of recurring dreams and working with them in personal life or in therapy is a useful tool for resolving conflicts and improving well-being. Scientific studies have not found any evidence that recurring dreams have any profound or significant significance beyond identifying potential areas of stress in your life.

However, some dreams do matter, if only to matter to many people. Here, dream experts offer a deeper understanding of what some common sexual dreams can mean.

Dreams about sexual relationships that shouldn't be in real life (for example, when you or your partner are in a relationship with someone else). Dreams that occur during deep sleep are usually devoid of emotions, not vivid, they are interested in simple and difficult things to remember. Dreams that occur during REM sleep are generally shorter but more coherent than REM sleep and often refer to things that only happened the day before.

Dreams are not just a reproduction of life in reality, but a mosaic of fragments of memories. However, research suggests that REM sleep may be more related to declarative memory (more mundane things), while REM dreams include more emotional and rewarding memories. These memories are called episodic because they are whole episodes, not just fragments; Studies of the secret world of dreams show that these types of memories are sometimes recalled in dreams, but this is quite rare (according to one study, about 2% of dreams contain such memories).

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