6 Erotic Dreams and Their Meanings

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6 erotic dreams and their meanings (Plus how to have lucid sex dreams using music)

Have you ever dreamed that you have sex with your ex? Erotic dreams have existed and will exist all your life. Therefore, we must learn to identify what they want to tell us, without feeling guilty or ashamed.

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Having erotic dreams is disconcerting for some people. Although they can be a very pleasant sensation, those who experience them would like to know what these dreams want to tell them and why. Do they want to innovate in their relationship? Or maybe they have fantasies they want to make come true?

Throughout this article you will discover some meanings of the most frequent erotic dreams. Of course, you should not take them literally, as the meaning may have a different interpretation depending on the context and what you are living at that moment of your life. Take note of the list below and decipher your dreams.

6 erotic dreams and their meaning
Although some people are embarrassed to admit it, the truth is that having erotic dreams is very common. These, like nightmares, have a reason for being. To clarify your doubts, in this list we tell you their possible meanings.

1. Being in bed with an ex-partner
Erotic dreams are sometimes conflicting.

In spite of being pleasant, these dreams can generate many doubts when waking up.
Dreaming about having sex with an ex-partner is not as crazy as you might think at first, although some would like to avoid this type of dream.

While it can generate some tenderness and emotion, it also brings back many memories that were already forgotten and had stayed in the past.

What can it mean?
If the partner with whom you have erotic dreams is from many years ago, the meaning is not related to the person himself. Rather, it is a longing to feel loved, desired and to experience all the sensations of that great love.
If it is about a partner with whom you have just broken up, it is possible that you still miss those intimate encounters. Or, on the contrary, it is time to give a definitive closure. A kind of farewell.
Maybe you miss the intimate relationships you experienced with that person, and your unconscious wants to remind you, even if you do not want to, through dreams.

2. Having hot sex with the boss
Having hot sex with the boss is a much more frequent dream than you might think. However, it is worth clarifying that this has nothing to do with a real sexual attraction (if there is none). Its meaning goes the other way: control.

What can it mean?
The meaning of having sex with the work superior is the desire to be able to control the situation. A need for power or to occupy at some point that place in human relationships.
On the other hand, it may be a form of identification with an authority figure, such as the father. In this case, the sexual content of the dream is secondary.

3. Having sex with your friend's partner

Many people only see their friends' partners as friends, without any kind of attraction or desire. Therefore, an erotic dream in this case can be very overwhelming and generate guilt.

Although dreams cannot be mastered, just remembering the supposed infidelity to your great friend causes a very strong feeling.

What can it mean?
Maybe it is a repressed desire because you feel attraction towards your friend's partner.
Maybe it's just admiration for that partner, and what you long for is to incorporate some of his or her positive qualities into your own life. If you are honest with yourself, you will be able to know which of the two meanings fits best.

4. S&M Erotic Dreams
This is another of the most common dreams that generates a lot of confusion, especially if you have never carried out this sexual practice. Perhaps because sadomasochism is still a very important sexual taboo, although it awakens many fantasies.

What can it mean?

This type of dream flows while we sleep to give free rein to this fantasy in which there may be rough sex with known or unknown people. So if you dream of this, the meaning is tied to a sexual desire that you would like to fulfill.
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5. Having sex with a stranger
Erotic dreams can generate many negative thoughts.
Many people feel guilt for some of these experiences, although in reality there is no reason for it.

Erotic dreams with strangers mean that you desire something more than what you have on a sexual level. But don't panic, although it can be a bit disconcerting, this doesn't mean that you have desires to be with other people besides your partner.

What can it mean?
Having this type of dream means that you want to have a change in your partner routine and experience new things sexually.

6. Wet dreams
Have you ever had erotic dreams and woken up with an orgasm? This, which is rare, does happen at times because you are very involved in the dream and it feels like the dream is real.

What can it mean?
The meaning varies depending on the situation, the person and the context in which the orgasm takes place. However, it is very likely that it is a fantasy that you would like to make real.
Not everything we dream is what it seems to be

Do you have erotic dreams relatively often, and do you recognize a pattern in all of them? We hope that this article has allowed you to resolve some doubts and learn to identify what may be behind them. Don't forget that everything depends on your reality.

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