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Legs hold you up and keep you grounded. When you dream of them it implies that you are good to stand on your own. The dream means that you are going to be successful in your processes in life. However, if your legs are not able to support you properly and are frail then you are experiencing inner turmoil. If you are crossing your legs in dream it suggests that you have your defence up, you are unable to listen and welcome new ideas. If your legs are injured indicates that you are unable to be self-sufficient. You are dependent on others to get things done and you are not grounded strong enough. People will continue walking over you if you do not take a stand. If you dream that you have two different length legs it implies that your life is not organised and you are focused on one thing. You need to prioritize everything in your life and make sure that you complete all the tasks at hand. If you have more than two legs in your dream it suggests that you are trying to do too many things at once. Try completing one task at a time so you could get everything done to the best of your abilities.

Dreaming of babies may represent an immature aspect of yourself or a new aspect of yourself that is still maturing or developing. It may also symbolize a part of you that is feeling neglected or needs to be nurtured, loved and accepted by you.

Baby dreams usually have more than one meaning depending on the context of the dream. Babies usually represents our nurturing side. For the ones that don’t know their pregnant usually end up having a dream of a “baby” in 9 months. Most women dream of having a baby due their biological clock or when they’re maternal instinct kicks in. If you have a wanted desire of a baby you would probably end up having dreams of this nature.If you are not pregnant then it’s possible that a baby dream suggests that you are off to a “new start” or a “new beginning” in life. If you dream of more than one baby it reflects your innocent side. If you dream you have lost or left a baby means your doing your best to mask up your insecurities. It’s also possible that you pushed somebody close to you away.Nightmare of your unborn baby are natural when you are pregnant. It is very normal and a common occurrence for women who are months pregnant. This is just your anxiety of having a baby. If you see a sick or dying baby means you have let go of some of your genuine qualities in yourself.If you notice a crying baby in your dreams it represents neglected qualities that you have ignored for too long. You need to reflect on what aspects of yourself have deprived, ex. career, family, uncompleted goals etc. To dream of a dead or dying baby suggests a final ending that has been a big part of your life. You have now over come that obstacle and now its time to move on.

Baby boys are often symbolic of easy, uncomplicated births for pregnant women. A woman who is soon to deliver, whether it be to a male or female child, would give birth under better circumstances or in better care than the average woman. For a man, this symbol could predict a partner's birth experience or be extrapolated to mean the birth of a concept or the creation of a project or deal.

A dream in which you witness someone's legs being accidentally uncovered and exposed, for example, due to a sudden blow of the wind or as a result of the owner's move or change in posture, is an exceptionally favorable sign which could be foretelling future success in business agreements and negotiations. As a rule, such dreams portray a woman's legs being exposed, but this is not an important detail. Additionally, such visions may be indicating that the sexual aspect of your current relationship with your spouse or partner in love is a joyful, passionate and exceptionally pleasant one.

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A baby with grown up legs

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