A bag for a female Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about A bag for a female explained:

May represent the burdens and/or responsibilities you are carrying around.

Dreaming of a bag means that your weighing yourself down. If your bag is damaged or ripped, means that you are getting hit from every angle in your life and need to relax. A strong firm bag represents how you carry yourself around others. If you are a women and you dream of a bag or bags represents getting old.

May represent a desire to feel nourished or satiated.

An empty folded paper bag signifies the female womb. If the paper bag is filled then you need to consider what is inside it to understand the dream. The dream ultimately indicates that you would be shocked to find that your life or something in your life is somewhat fulfilled. If you find things in the bag that you consider enjoyable then you should not judge things on their appearance, take a closer look into situations in your life, you maybe shunning the best things in your life.

If you dream about carrying or walking with a heavy bag on your shoulder, it could be a symbol of the duties and responsibilities entrusted to you that you find rather taxing and physically draining as it requires your utmost commitment. On a ligher note, if you drop the bag or leave it behind in the same dream, it could indicate that you have successfully performed what was expected of you or have been able to delegate your duties and responsibilities to those who are not only as competent as you but are more than willing to take them.

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A bag for a female

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