A band trying to kill

A band trying to kill Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

A rubber band means that you need to stretch yourself so that you are able to help others. When you broaden your perspectives then you’d be able to supply for others and not just yourself. If the rubber band burst then you are stretching yourself too far. You are probably overwhelmed.

May represent physical or emotional wounds that need to be protected and healed.

While it is unclear whether you are presently alone or with a group of people, being buried in an area in the middle of the ocean could indicate feeling isolated and cut off from others. This was likely triggered by some recent event in which you asked for help and did not receive it for some reason. The fact that it was K-pop idols having this intention, whom you normally admire, the notion of them doing this to you suggests you have been deeply hurt or disappointed by this situation. You may want to consider expressing your feelings to the other party instead of keeping them to yourself.

Dreaming of a finger with a band aid, to cover a cut or a fresh wound, alludes to minor health issues in reality. There is a possibility that you or a loved one would contract an illness, like a flu or an infection. While it is not serious and can easily be treated, the earlier you have it checked, the faster it would heal. In a way, this could also be your subconscious reminding you to lead a healthier lifestyle and not just act once your body is already deteriorating or feeling the strain from unhealthy habits. As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Dreaming that you are trying to kill an owl is proof that the road to hell is proverbially paved with mere good intentions. You could be acting in good faith to solve a problem or get out of a bad situation, but your means of doing this may have opposite effects and could worsen the situation. This dream vision may be reminding you to look for other ways to take appropriate actions or measures.

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