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Seeing a queen in your dream represents your wisdom and power. You are able to influence people easily so you this power wisely and do not take advantage of it because people look up to you and trust you. The queen in your dream does not necessarily represent you but if you look up to your mother is could be her or another motherly figure in your life. If you are a woman and dream of becoming a queen it means that you wish you had people who admired you. You may want more power.

May be symbolic of need to create and/or appreciate beauty in life.

A queen bee may symbolize a dominant or controlling woman.

Having a dream about seeing an object that starts out as beautiful but slowly becomes dull and ugly is normally interpreted as a symbol that represents being insecure or having low self-esteem. In particular, this dream vision means that there are objects and people in your life that you truly value and care about. However, you worry that you are not strong, sure or brave enough to hold on and care for those people and things, and you are particularly fearful of some unrealistic, unlikely event that could cause the loss of all that you cherish. Seeing beauty fade from an object, therefore, does not point to any negative event occurring, it only shows the concern or doubts in your own heart.

Meeting or encountering a beauty queen within a dream vision is normally interpreted as a somewhat negative symbol. It means you are likely to experience some small inconvenience or annoyance, like bad weather or a late train, which causes some dissatisfaction or unhappiness for a short period of time in your waking life. After this situation unfolds, everything is predicted to return to normal.

Seeing yourself become increasingly beautiful within a dream is an ominous sign indicative of experiencing health problems in the near future. In particular, this condition is likely to cause lethargy and may alter your looks drastically, though not for the better. This could be a warning sign to take care of yourself and be on the lookout for any suspicious symptoms. Additionally, if you see another person becoming more and more good-looking within you dream vision, it can be interpreted the same way, meaning they may fall seriously ill without intervention. If this other person becomes incredibly beautiful, it may predict their untimely demise.

Dreaming of the queen of hearts indicates your selfish and overconfident attitude. You may not have realized it but you hold the key to peoples hearts. Although you do not really care what happens in the end you should be a little bit selfless at times.

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A beauty queen

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