A breast in a bra Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about A breast in a bra explained:

May represent support or a need for support.

When we dream of wearing a bra it represents support and security from somebody close to you. You might want to learn how to become more confident with yourself in your walking life. If you are a man and your are trying on or wearing a bra, represents being overworked at home and at work. You need help and nobody is giving it to you. Try not to be alarmed with this dream its quite common for men.If you are out in public and people can see your bra suggests that you are uncomfortable with your body. If you are confident in public in a bra donates that you are very secure with your sexuality. Removing someones bra indicates that you want to be closer with that person.

The imagery of a breast inside a bra is usually a dream symbol indicating a fixation. You may be preoccupied about something in reality and this is being projected into your subconscious through this vision. Perhaps you have been working on something complicated or important and this is keeping your mind buzzing. It is also likely that you are worried that something is holding you back or preventing you from fully expressing yourself. Are you downplaying your personality or aspects of yourself for fear of being judged?

A sagging breast as a dream symbol denotes serious issues and inconveniences in reality. This major problem would likely emerge out of nowhere which means you would be unprepared and ill-equipped to respond quickly and resolve things efficiently. Alternatively, this could also point to the possibility that you would experience health issues, especially lung problems or age-related illnesses. You may have been careless about your health, so some complications could turn into serious health concerns if left untreated.

For male dreamers, seeing breasts in dreams reveals your desire for motherly love and care. Perhaps you lacked this kind of nurturing presence throughout your formative years, so you seek out this maternal figure even in adulthood. You could also treat this as an important trait or characteristic when choosing a romantic partner. Since you were deprived of motherly affection as a child, you may be making sure that your kids would not have to go through the same thing you did when you were young.

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A breast in a bra

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