A crush wearing ugly clothes

A crush wearing ugly clothes Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May symbolize having insecurities relating to self image.

Dreaming that you or someone is ugly signifies characteristics or parts of yourself that you feel turned off by. This could stem from others resenting you.

may symbolize your personna, or the side of yourself that you let the world see.

The clothes you wear in dreams may represent the side of yourself that you choose to show the world your outer personality or Persona. Consider the parts of the body that are being covered up or revealed for further insight into what you are concealing and/or revealing to others. Also consider the color of the apparel or item of clothing.

Giving birth to an ugly baby in a dream suggests undesirable and unwarranted events about to transpire in the waking world. You may need to be systematic and organized in the way that you tackle and resolve this problematic affair. Keeping your head clear would help a great deal in swiftly dealing with this issue.

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