A destructive wind Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about A destructive wind explained:

Dreaming of Wind may represent your chi or life force may represent troubles or turmoil.

Do you feel like you are blowing in the wind? Dreams of this nature might suggest you are feeling free like the wind.

A destructive wind that is tearing off the roofs of houses or causing a lot of objects to fly around and damage the surroundings is a bad omen for your children. They may be in danger, so keep a close eye on them or remind them to be cautious to avoid any untoward incident or accident. However, if you are childless, then you may witness a violent or aggressive encounter which would harm children, like bullying or even a school shooting which would result in a lot of casualties.

A sultry wind or hot and humid air that is making you perspire a lot and you feel sticky in the process is a bad sign for your health. You could catch a cold because you are neglecting your well-being due to having too much on your plate. You could be pushing the limits of your body, spending overtime at work and the working out afterwards, without allowing it to recover after a particularly strenuous day. You may need to sleep more and take in more substantial nutrients to ensure that you are in top shape.

A cold and chilling wind, similar to winter temperatures that could cause the flu or hypothermia when exposed for long periods, denotes a major obstacle that would not only stress you out, it may also affect your health. Perhaps you would soon work with challenging individuals whose personalities are either completely opposite to yours or they may give you a lot of trouble because they refuse to cooperate. The stress and frustration may end up lowering your immune system, so take care of your health no matter what.

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