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To dream about A donkey as a toy explained:

Envisioning yourself drinking the milk of a donkey is a positive symbol to see in a dream vision. This sign indicates the receiving of compliments and admiration from those around you. Likely, this would refer to some success or achievement on your part, possibly related to work or some special skill you possess. What you accomplish will become widely known throughout your workplace or community, earning you both respect and recognition.

A dream vision in which you happen to see a dead donkey is usually interpreted as an alarming and unfavorable omen regardless of any related details, such as the circumstances that have led you to the animal’s body. This sign foretells that in the upcoming future you could commit a wrongful or even unlawful act, either on your own or while being a part of a group of people. This questionable attitude would eventually bring a lot of emotional turmoil and significant disappointments both for you and to the people you care about.

A donkey that seems to have trouble walking or a gimp leg is closely tied to the idea of upcoming travel woes. If you have a vacation or business trip planned in the near future, you may have difficulties keeping your schedule, making your flights or getting things done during the course of your excursion. This effect may be amplified the longer you plan to be away from home.

Seeing a child's toy or stuffed animal that resembles a donkey may be a sign that someone in your social group has been taking advantage of everyone else's good will and patience. This individual could be making rude comments and observations or making life difficult for other members of the group. Your continued association with this ornery man or woman may cause others to distance themselves from both of you because they find you guilty by association. While you may have no difficulty discovering who the party at fault is, breaking your connection with them may prove more difficult.

Seeing a donkey that appears to be black is often interpreted as a positive symbol in the dream world. It is associated with material gain and profit, meaning you would be financially secure in the future. This may be achieved through your own efforts and success or through some random, auspicious set of circumstances that bless you with wealth and fortune. You would likely be relieved and pleased with this outcome, using the extra money to gain new experiences and live out your greatest dreams.

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