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To dream about A dragon for pregnant explained:

A dragon symbolizes strength and strong will that is embedded in your soul. If the dragon is attacking you, you have to face a major obstacle in your life that seems impossible to meet. If you win a battle with a dragon it means you are going to overcome a fear that’s been bothering you. Dragons also represent powerful aspects about yourself that are useful to you in your walking life.

Witnessing the death of a dragon or seeing a dying dragon in a dream alludes to overcoming tremendous obstacles. There may be a challenging task at hand or a seemingly unreachable goal that you have been trying to accomplish. As such, this dream vision is a highly auspicious message about your inevitable success. All your hard work and dedication would finally pay off as the stars align in your favor. You may get promoted at work or be rewarded with a hefty bonus as a result.

Being pregnant in your dream symbolizes having an unhappy life with your prospective husband. It can also mean that you will have unattractive children.

A flying dragon or a dragon in flight in a dream is an allusion to the success well within your reach. If you have been gunning for a promotion at work, for instance, then this vision points to the possibility of getting closer to this goal. On the other hand, if the dragon flies into a hole in the ground or enters a dark cave, then the journey towards achieving your goals would entail more challenges and obstacles. You would still be able to succeed, but not without the hardships.

Seeing a winged dragon in dreams, especially if you were fixated on the wings, means you may be aided by a poweful or influential personality. However, the helping hand may have some strings attached. Perhaps this personality would try to use your gratitude in order to get your participation in their plans. You may become an instrument or pawn in some of the power plays and motives in advancing their personal or political ambitions. So be cautious when accepting seemingly generous offers.

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