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To dream about A dress of light or bright colors explained:

Seeing light in your dream could have a number of different connotations. Light could symbolize enlightenment or clarification. You are more aware about things now that the light has broken the darkness. If you find the light is extremely bright it suggests that you are ready to move on. It could mean in terms of moving on to the next level after death or just ready to experience more knowledge about life. If the lights are not that bright it signifies feelings from your undiscovered unconscious mind. If you cannot find light or put get light in an area it suggests that you cannot find insight in a circumstance.

May symbolize intelligence.

Colors hold different meanings depending the context, location and feeling in your dream.

Eyes which seem bright or are illuminated by the light, especially when they seem to stand out in comparison to the other features of the face, suggests that someone special is looking out for you. This usually means a higher power has taken you under their wing, such as a guardian angel or friendly spirit, although sometimes they can be living beings who possess especially generous and kind hearts as well. The same vision of beautifully-lit eyes can also be a reminder from your subconscious to listen carefully to the advice and life lessons told to you by those more experienced in life.

A dream in which you experience the phenomenon of so-called *light feet*, for example, when dancing effortlessly to a complex tune or walking in springy and energetic steps, is usually interpreted as a positive sign. Most likely, you either are or may be engulfed in the upcoming future in an atmosphere of sheer joy and light-hearted happiness. Such a dream may indicate that you are a person who easily establishes and maintains strong bonds with your friends. Perhaps this trait could explain the fact that most people whom you meet in waking life are, for some reason, able and willing to understand and accept your personality for what it is.

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