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When you dream of ears it has something to do with communication and relationships with others. Ears are representative of your ability or inability to hear and listen, when you see one in your dream it indicates that you need to pay more attention to others and how you relate to them. If you are having trouble with your ear or its hurting you, it means you need to listen to other people and stop being stubborn when someone is trying to help you. It could also mean that someone is trying to harm you with words and if you are touching it means you need to get a mind of your own and think for yourself not others.If you have ear wax or you are trying to get it out, it suggests that you are unwilling to compromise or playing deaf to a situation.If someone is whispering in your ear means that you are receiving an important message in order for you to grow as an individual.

To close a door may suggest closing off or rejecting something.

The image of one ear or a single ear in dream visions, such as a picture of an ear, a representation of an ear or an actual ear of a person in front of you, alludes to unfounded worries and concerns. You could be stressing out about an ongoing project, an upcoming event or concerned about how others perceive you even though in reality your fears are in fact baseless. Maybe things have been going smoothly and you are worried that it would all go away. Fortunately for you, this dream means your future is bright and promising.

A closeup look of an ear, either yours or someone else's ears, is a dream symbol about receiving a piece of information or news that you may have been waiting for in a while. The nature of the news depends on the appearance of the ear. For instance, if the ear is strangely shaped, slightly deformed or irregular, then the information you would get is likely weird or unusual though nothing alarming. On the other hand, a tiny or delicate ear portends a positive turn of events for you, such as getting praised or recognized at work.

Inspecting or observing a fly up close could be a dream symbol for people who are too exacting or picky. Perhaps you are expecting visitors or guests, whether it is in a professional capacity or in a more personal sense. Either way, you may need to be more patient than usual especially if they end up making a lot of demands. Be careful not to cater to their every whim, however, because you could find yourself on the losing end. By accommodating all their needs, even the unreasonable ones, they may be more and more inclined to abuse your generosity.

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