A fake nose Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about A fake nose explained:

May represent feeling untrue to yourself.

May symbolize feeling curious.

Seeing your nose in a dream suggests that you are being nosy about a situation. You shouldnt go around poking your nose into matters that do not concern you because you will get yourself into trouble. If your nose is growing in your dream or you see someone elses nose growing it indicates that someone is being dishonest, perhaps you are not being true? If you see a creature coming out of the nose in your dream it means that you are becoming irritating with your nosy attitude. If your nose is bloody in the dream it implies that you feel you cannot be who you are. You feel that you must change who you are or someone is trying to change you.

Envisioning your face without your nose or suddenly realizing it is no longer there is an ill omen symbolizing becoming an object of criticism or the butt of everyone's jokes. Specifically, a lost nose is often interpreted as a sign that people you thought you were close to, people you work with day in and day out, actually think very little about you. They may have talked about you behind your back until now, but their ridicule is likely to become more bold and obvious. Their dislike may be fueled by envy of your accomplishments or connections.

A fake nose, such as seeing a celebrity having just undergone a cosmetic surgery or yourself sporting a fake nose, means you could become acquainted with a powerful individual who would take you under their wing after seeing your potential or innate talent. You may also connect on a personal level, so this person's immediate interest in you would be very beneficial for you. A lot of doors would open and if you manage these opportunities wisely, you could enjoy a very successful and productive career.

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A fake nose

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