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To dream about A gigantic fly explained:

May suggest gathering all the little things that are bugging me into one place so I can dispose of them easier.

As a dream symbol, a white fly is a negative sign often associated with your character or reputation. You may suffer from a malicious rumor or false information going around tarnishing your good name and credibility. This defamation of your character may be coming from someone who is envious of your stature or personal achievements. They could be angling to bring you down in order to take your place or steal opportunities from you. So perhaps your subconscious is in fight mode, gearing you up for the challenges ahead.

Seeing a single fly in a dream is generally a negative sign often associated with grief and misery. You may be approaching a particularly difficult period because so many things could be mishandled by yourself and the people around you. In a sense, the fly symbolizes the problems or issues that would not seem to go away, and maybe those problems are not going away because you unwittingly draw them to you because of wrong decisions, careless actions or being generally shortsighted.

Seeing giant, monstrous bugs in a dream vision, such as those in a sci-fi or horror movie, is often interpreted as evidence of internal fear or worry. This is especially true in relation to phobias and unrealistic concerns, such as those over germs, catching a rare disease, or being the victim of some random attack. While none of this is likely to come true, your preoccupation with such thoughts is likely to cloud your judgement in other, more important matters.

A huge or gigantic fly is a dream symbol for an impossible task. However, there is a caveat to this dream vision. Perhaps the reason why you cannot seem to succeed at completing this task or project is the fact that you are trying to do everything on your own. In that context, the size of the fly actually symbolizes the complexity and weight of this endeavor which means you need others to help you carry the load. You could delegate some of the more tedious and monotonous tasks to someone else so you can focus on more important details.

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A gigantic fly

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