A girl in a spring garden

A girl in a spring garden Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Are you planting in a garden, is it barren or fruitful? If you dream of a fruitful garden then whatever idea you have executed in your walking life is working well for you and you are going to go far with it. If you are planting something in a garden then you are either burying your past or ready to see if your plans would work out. If your garden is full of flowers this is symbolic of peace and love. If your garden is barren and full of weeds this represents your ignorance to your life and what has been happening around you. You are bringing yourself down.

Dreaming of seeing a massive flood in the spring is a sign of good luck. It means you will have favorable changes in the overall improvement of your life which will also cause you to obtain significant achievements in business and other more personal affairs.

Dreaming that you are a girl scout indicates that you need to apply more of your feminine traits. Characteristics like understanding and compassionate would help you reach your goals.

Dreaming of observing yourself encounter or of encountering a young girl often is a positive sign. It frequently predicts being about to experience emerging love feelings toward someone. That is, it is possible that you could be about to go through a period of infatuation with some old acquaintance or a person you know well.

Depending on your dream you may not realize where you are. If you think about enough and realize that a snake or an apple is related to the Garden of Eden then this symbolizes your sexual desires. It could also mean that you are regretting decisions that you’ve made and you want to regain your innocence that was lost in your disobedience or poor decision making.

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