A gold dust raining down Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about A gold dust raining down explained:

May suggest you have been neglecting an important aspect of your life.

Dreaming of gold may symbolize financial wealth and physical valuables or may symbolize greed and temptation.

You’ve discovered something extremely precious and important about yourself or a new discovery that would bring you wealth has unfolded for you. Dreaming of gold means self discovery whether it be good or bad. If you find gold in your dream it suggests that you found out about some personal trait that would do you well. If you hide or bury gold then you do not want others to find out what you discovered about yourself. You are being very selfish and ignorant about your new discovery.

may represent releasing of emotions

Dreaming about losing gold or gold jewelry often symbolizes lost opportunities. Specifically, you could be presented with some rare possibility of succeeding. However, you would make a great mistake or adopt an inadequate approach. As a consequence, you would be unable to take advantage of the situation or benefit from it.

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A gold dust raining down

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