A green fir tree

A green fir tree Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Dreaming about an oak tree signifies your desire to be strong and independent person, being able to rely on yourself only. You will achieve great success because of your efforts and positive energy.

Remember Pocahontas? An oak tree has and will always represent knowledge, wisdom and power from within. When you dream of an oak tree it means that you have a firm grounding and you are destined to do well.

Tall green fir trees are often considered highly auspicious images to perceive in the context of a dream, as they are connected to the idea of happy memories and joyous occasions. Fun, family-centered events and nights out with good friends would leave you with positive recollections of those you love most in life. The source of this particular interpretation may stem from its connection to Christmas trees and time spent with loved ones during the holidays.

Seeing a pine tree in your dream is an indication of your masculinity and the ways you portray yourself to be perceived as a very masculine and virile individual.

Dreaming of a green snake means that you may be involved in an event where alcohol is flowing freely, a party or celebration for example. It can also be a warning that you have a tendency to drink too much alcohol so be mindful of your intake.

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