A lioness and goats Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about A lioness and goats explained:

A complete herd or a small group of goats is often interpreted as a positive symbol associated with family wealth. You may soon receive a gift from a wealthy relative or be the benefactor of a recently deceased loved one. Focusing on and singling out a single goat from the herd has a slightly different meaning. It suggests you may soon see or do something that causes happy feelings of nostalgia, although they are unlikely to linger for long.

Seeing animals in your dreams represented by goats indicates your propensity towards salacity and behaving in ways that disturb people around you.

Dreaming about interacting with a lioness could mean that you have some sort of difficulty expressing yourself, because a lioness could symbolize strength and resilience. The notion that you only got scared when it tried to play with your arm could mean you feel like you cannot handle direct confrontations with people, so you prefer to hide your true feelings or opinions from others, while at the same time you could be longing for more power and stronger character.

The image of a lioness and her cubs represents your nurturing side. You are very protective of your friends and loved ones, especially your own children or children entrusted to your care. This dream vision also reveals your ability to provide for your family because of the presence of grazing goats. It means you have a secure and stable source of income. It may not be the most fun or exciting line of work, but it gives you the financial capability to pay for the needs of your family. You can rest easy knowing your future is safe and you have a peaceful place to come home to.

The image of both male and female goats gathered together at the same time may be a sign of soon engaging in a serious confrontation or physical fight. Your subconscious is likely conjuring this image to alert you to the possible dangers posed by those near you, particularly those you often butt heads with or rub the wrong way. You should probably avoid provoking their wrath and stay out of their way lest they provoke yours.

This vision has two opposing images paired together. The idea that the lioness is gentle or friendly suggests you have difficulty expressing yourself and, as a result, struggle to exert authority in certain situations. Seeing the lioness eating meat alludes to your power to sway others with words or grand ideas. You may have been, until now, in a position that prevented you from being in control or sharing equally with others at the table. Now, however, it seems you have a chance to show those around you what you are capable of.

Dreams that center around the idea of goats entering your home are often considered negative in nature. Usually, they are indicative of your personal tendency to put people off or rub them the wrong way. This means your behavior or words may make others uncomfortable or even angry. The darkness you noticed could suggest a darkness within you that others recognize when you interact with them. You may want to be more careful in your daily communication.

The taxi and its passengers in this dream likely reveal your gullible nature. You tend to allow others to control and boss you around, especially your parents. While their wisdom and experience bear significant weight in certain situations, perhaps you trust them a little too much to the point that they seem to be running your life for you. The woman inside may be the embodiment of your passivity and the old man represents your parents or other authority figures with whom you place your utmost trust. The presence of goats with lambs in the distance similarly shows you a lack of decisiveness and a sense of self. This could be a reminder for you to start forging your own path in this world.

Goats are often associated with personal tendencies to make others uncomfortable or do things which anger or annoy those around you. Seeing these goats on your body, therefore, suggests the tables are about to turn. In this case, it seems that you may meet with or be introduced to someone who makes you feel uncomfortable or wary. The markings appearing on your body in this dream could be a warning to watch your behavior around others so that you can improve your relationships or avoid making someone important to your future upset or walk away for no apparent reason.

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