A marriage proposal from neighbors Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about A marriage proposal from neighbors explained:

A dream about the termination of your marriage should be considered as a forewarning. This could be related to the fact that you might have assumed too many commitments and obligations. These in turn might have a negative impact on your accomplishments or would endanger or jeopardize your triumphs by making them unachievable.

Dreaming that you are marrying someone of the same sex depicts your need for self-acceptance. This is especially true if you are not homosexual in reality. You may be experiencing an identity crisis and you are trying to piece together all aspects of your personality to gain a complete understanding about yourself. The ambush towards the end may be indicative of societal pressure that may be keeping you from expressing yourself fully. It could also be a representation of certain individuals who are preventing you from achieving your full potential, maybe out of envy or spite.

Dreaming about a marriage proposal made to you is indicative of encouraging encounters and propitious changes. These alterations would prove to be favorable for you and will have a constructive impact on your life.

Dreaming about calling off or terminating your own marriage is symbolic of your own wrong doings. It signifies that your own conduct and misdeeds are the rationale behind all the trials and tribulations which you may be facing at the moment. These troubles may linger around your life for quite some time.

If you are a female and have had a dream about getting married in general this is symbolic of positive or encouraging alterations. These modifications might take place in either your intimate life or in your career.

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