A strange device Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about A strange device explained:

May represent someone or something you perceive to be unique, unusual or peculiar.

Dreaming about holding a strange device or apparatus and figuring out how it works portends an unwanted revelation. At this age, it would come as a complete shock to you to find out something about yourself which people close to you have kept from you all these years. Whatever it may be, you would wish you had never learned about this secret and would rather have it remained that way for everybody's sake.

Living in a strange town in a dream predicts a slew of changes in wake life. It could be anything from changes in your hairstyle or fashion sense, your place of employment, your current romantic relationship, or all of the above. You should thank yourself for having enough courage to effect these changes because they would make your life a whole lot better.

Dreaming about waking up in a strange and unfamiliar room predicts a surprise visit. A friend or relative whom you have not seen in a very long time would appear on your doorstep all to your pleasant surprise. Your reunion would bring back happy memories and set unfulfilled plans in motion. By all indications, your fateful meeting would only be the beginning of something you would do together on a regular basis.

Seeing or encountering a strange and unfamiliar child in a dream represents that someone in your life may need your assistance but is unwilling or unable to ask. They could be in need of things such as emotional or financial support, but are too shy or proud to engage in that conversation with you. If you receive this sign, it may be prudent to make yourself more readily available to those who might need your help.

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A strange device

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