A team of acrobats

A team of acrobats Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

If you dream of acrobats show your flexibility and your balance in life. If you are an acrobat and you fall suggests that you need more practice in order to advance. If you are sexually active its common to dream of acrobats. You may be seeking new positions and want a more vibrant sexy life.

May symbolize cooperation, teamwork or a group endeavor.

May represent the various aspects of yourself working together.

To see a team of acrobats performing in an auditorium for a special event could mean that you will soon discover some surprising and unpleasant information about a close friend or family member.

If you dream of circus acrobats performing live then this is a promise that a once impossible to solve situation that you have been preoccupied with for quite some time has now become simple to resolve because the solution to this seemingly unfixable problem is just around the corner.

Despite the fact that this dream vision could be just a residual of physical contact during sport-related activities you may have participated in together, traditional dream interpretation sources refer to visions of close physical interaction, such as embracing or falling into someone's arms, as a sign of upcoming separation from this person. Possible reasons for this to happen could include you or her relocating, changing social preferences, or the emergence of a new person or people in your or her life.

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