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To dream about A wooden doll explained:

A dream in which your own leg is switched for a wooden limb, regardless of its complexity and quality, could foretell an upcoming situation in which your family and friends would start harboring doubts about the nobility of your intentions and your honesty in general. Most likely, this deteriorated attitude of the people you hold dear would be the result of your recent deeds and behavior, but not necessarily. Alternatively, a similar dream could be a predictor of approaching treachery and deceit coming from someone who would simulate acting for your good while, in reality, would just be fulfilling their personal ambitions.

Having a dream about a wooden box, for example when you have a flashback about the past and see your grandmother giving you a wooden toy box as a gift when you were a child, could refer to envy, conflicts or ignorance that you are currently experiencing in reality. These negative aspects of your existence could lead you to severing ties with people whom you consider your best friends or members of your inner social circle. You could examine what you are feeling that justifies ending these valuable friendships or these negative aspects can be set aside to make way for relationships which last longer.

As a dream symbol, a wooden doll such as one inside a glass box being sold in a toy store or a wooden doll as decor inside a home means you may be growing complacent and becoming lazy in reality. Instead of focusing your time and energy in pursuing productive hobbies or interests, you may be drawn to superficial and meaningless ventures. These distractions, while it gives you some pleasure, may keep you further and further away from achieving your dreams and aspirations.

A rubber doll is a symbol of superficiality. Dreaming of a rubber doll, playing with it or looking at the doll and contemplating buying it, means you may be in a relationship with someone who is not as genuine or trustworthy as you think. This individual may be subtly manipulating you into submission or outright controlling your actions for his or her gain. In that sense, the rubber material of the doll in the vision refers to the artificial or superficial bond you have. Instead of being based on real emotions and connection, you may have a shallow bond after all.

Dreaming of a voodoo doll, such as having one in your hand with the intent of inflicting pain on another person or witnessing someone with evil intentions handling a voodoo doll, means someone is trying to manipulate you to advance their interests. For example, this manipulative individual may try to infiltrate your social circle in an attempt to use your connections for professional advancement. This person may also drop subtle hints trying to make you open doors or opportunities even though they lack the qualifications.

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