Abdomen Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Abdomen explained:

The abdomen is the center of our body, our solar plexus -- the center of our power, therefore, personal power may be being questioned.

To see an abdomen in your dream represents your gut feeling on a situation. This is a interesting dream symbol because it represents your intuitive human instincts in your walking life. There is someone or something you cant seem to stomach. Who was in your dream? Was it your abdomen or someone else? This will help you recognize an internal problem the person in your dream or yourself. If you notice that the abdomen is open means that you might be letting too much information go out about you. At this given time you might be feeling vulnerable.

Having a dream that your abdomen is aching, for instance when you suddenly clutched your abdomen in pain while eating with family in a restaurant, could allude that your current plans or aspirations will miserably fail. You should not be disappointed and try again in different ways until you succeed. If you see a child holding his or her own abdomen in your dream however, there could be a possibility of transmitting an infectious disease in the real life. You should monitor and guard your health closely and ensure that you are getting the proper care if this incident happens unexpectedly.

Having a dream of an exposed abdomen, for instance when you see yourself on the beach and sunbathing naked while your abdomen is exposed to the heat of the sun, could predict that you could have some minor headaches or useless worries which would soon disappear without a trace if you do not put too much emphasis or attention on them. It may also be referring to upcoming disappointments in love affairs or romantic matters in your waking life. You may try having open dialogues with your partner so as to avoid these negative occurrences from happening.

To see your abdomen bleeding in a dream, for instance when you visit a doctor to consult about a pain in your abdomen and you suddenly feel and see blood trickling from your abdomen without any idea where it originates, could signify a great misfortune or tragic occurrence happening inside your family or with a close relative. The dream may be warning you to be alert and ready in case a tragedy or emergency happens to you and those close to you. Your entire existence may be put to a test in times of crisis and you should be prepared when this time comes.

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