Abuse Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Abuse explained:

Depending the context of the dream can mean two different things. If you are being beaten up means that somebody is taking full control in your life. If you where actually abused in your life and dream about being abused means that you are still affected by this traumatic event. If your past is still haunting you, you may want to seek help with a professional psychiatrist.

May suggest an abuse of power by self or others psychologically, emotionally, spiritually or physically.

Seeing yourself being yelled at, intimidated and verbally abused by your husband is a negative sign. It means the possibility of an upcoming illness or health issue that will affect either you or your husband.

Dreaming of seeing yourself being physically abused by your husband is an indication you have developed successful means of solving conflicts or disagreements which may exist in the relationship with this person.


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