Accent Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Sometime when we dream we hear different accents, this would suggest that you have trouble communicating your thoughts to others. What accent did you hear in your dream? Did you have an accent? If you felt uncomfortable talking in your dream signifies your insecurities with people. You may not feel as confident then you did in the past. If you are talking with a different accent means that you are masking up something. You should become more comfortable in your shoes in your walking life.

Sensing an accent that appears to be very strange while talking to a person you already know or are familiar with and communicate on a regular basis is a sign that you are not fully appreciating things this person has to offer you in real life. Try to change your ways of communicating with this person in the near future for better results.

Hearing an accent that is very distinctive while having a conversation with someone in a dream means that your opinions or philosophies are not well received and accepted by others in real life.

May symbolize an inability to communicate with or understand someone.

If you find yourself speaking with an accent that is not native to you in your dream, it could be a sign that your current aspirations or intentions have no significance to you or to the people closest to you.

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