Acting Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Acting explained:

Acting in your dream symbolizes that you are not being yourself in front of people. You need to just let loose and be yourself. Are you pretending to be somebody else in your walking life? If not maybe you just like the idea of being in front of other and entertaining them.

To dream that you were acting as a midwife and performing a midwife's duties could mean that you are about to embark on a new business or venture, which may seem like you won't like it at first but will end up surprising you immensely with satisfying accomplishments.

Dreaming that you are behaving like a snake likely reveals your inability to suppress your negative emotions. Perhaps you are being consumed by your anxieties and apprehensions, thereby making you lash out on your family and friends. You may be transforming into a worse version of yourself because of your fears and insecurities.

To witness someone you know acting as an angel in a dream means you are about to receive some assistance and advice from a person whom you would never expect to receive beneficial information or help from.

First of all, going to a bar in the dream world represents your desire to get a burden off your shoulders. You could be feeling stressed out or overwhelmed in the waking world, so you are looking for ways to relax and loosen up. The presence of a male friend breastfeeding in this bar alludes to your need for love, satisfaction and care. Seeing this image in your dream likely stems from feeling neglected or lonely in the real world. Similarly, since urine is generally a metaphor for negative feelings or repressed thoughts, having these women drinking your urine is an allusion to your yearning for acceptance. Maybe you have been getting more and more frustrated in trying to meet the expectations of others. You want to be appreciated for who you are, flaws and all, instead of being expected to act according to society's standards all the time.

Witnessing someone being raped in a dream conveys an negative message. It means that someone you know may get into trouble. This individual could be incarcerated, wounded, burglarized or experience some other unfortunate circumstance. You may have sensed that something is off with a close friend or loved one and that he or she is silently calling out for help while trying to look calm on the outside. Alternatively, the rape of child, such as the young boy in your dream, alludes to yourself being powerless in the face of influential personalities and authority figures. On the one hand, you may see yourself as someone being oppressed by individuals in power, but it is also possible that you may feel like the rapist in your dream is someone who takes advantage of others who are weak to resist or have submissive personality.

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