Admiring Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Admiring explained:

Anytime we admire somebody in our dreams suggest that you want the same qualities that person has. Usually we dream of a famous person or somebody who you look up too. When you notice people admiring you in your dream, suggest you have a very narcissistic qualities and need to be more down to earth.

Admiring a knife for its sharpness, cleanliness, or precision suggests having a personality which picks up bad habits easily. It also indicates questionable moral standing and a tendency to look out only for yourself. You may want to consider seeking help to eliminate these qualities or you may find yourself alone and disliked in the future.

Admiring the sunset in your dreams, with or without the company of friends or loved ones, suggests a positive turn in your life as favorable events would steer you in the right direction. Auspicious changes may be overdue if things have been stalling lately for you. Moreover, this also symbolizes good health and a long life, so you can fully enjoy and reap the benefits of the welcome changes that would happen to you soon enough. Fortunately, this luck would likely bless all aspects of your life.

Dreaming of looking down at your feet and admiring your toes spell good luck for your romantic life. In dream symbolism, this means that your love and admiration towards someone would likely be reciprocated. An upcoming encounter or occasion could make this person see you in a different light. Thereafter, your feelings for each other would naturally develop from friendship into love and mutual respect. While it is unclear whether this relationship would last, what is evident is that this affair would be special and it would most likely remain in your heart to be treasured forever.

Driving a car in a dream vision is often a reflection of the dreamer's life. In this case, your calm, clear road suggests that things are currently peaceful, at least in the context of your experience. Your lifestyle is probably comfortable, and you are mostly satisfied with what life has to offer. However, the burning trees on either side of the road may be an allusion to the troubles which plague your community or country. While you may enjoy relative peace and prosperity, you also recognize the suffering others are going through. Seeing beauty in the destruction may indicate deeper feelings of hope that this situation would improve in the future.

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