Age Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Age explained:

Age is just a number. If your getting older and dream about your age means that you have anxieties about getting older and are afraid. If your a young person and dream about being old, implies that you are very wise for you age. It’s also quite possible that you need to loosen up and act your age and not and old person. If you dream of being a kid when your an adult, suggest that are still a kid at heart and you want to be free again like it was back in the day.

May symbolize fears and anxiety related to growing old or time running out.

Envisioning your relatives grouped or lined up by their age may reveal a need to contact your younger family members. If you have children out of the house and on their own, you may consider ringing them up and seeing how they are doing. It is likely they may need some advice or help but are embarrassed to ask for help. For those who are childless, it is possible this vision is referring to a niece, nephew or other younger relative, although it is possible it means a non-family member, life a protege or subordinate.

If you are female and had a dream about getting married in general with the person consenting to marry you regardless of circumstances (such as the age difference you have mentioned), this is an indication of positive changes in your intimate life or in your workplace.


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